So tell me what food would you order if you don’t know what to eat ?  or when you are not too full nor too hungry for you just had breakfast not too, too long ago.  My recommendation is omelet  – you cannot go wrong with that  – and when I am not too hungry I order some omelet – but of course I asked for only 2 omelet instead of 3 and I don’t eat the potatoes they offer and very little bread.  What about you ?  what do you eat when you are out in a restaurant with family and friends but don’t know what to order or too full to eat too much.  Pray tell.


And here we have chloe – her only food when she eats out is fish and chips – as long as they have fish and chips – we are all safe.

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  1. Daisy Allen

    When I am not really hungry and I do not know what to eat, I usually order from the Low Calories Menu at Spring Garden Restaurant. It is either a crab salad or chicken salad or tuna salad in the stuffed raw tomato served with fruits like cantaloupe, honeydew melon, strawberries, grapes and cottage cheese. I usually do not eat the cottage cheese so I have them put it on the side. Sometimes my daughter or hubby eats it if they are not too full.

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