Every year during this time of the year – we try to find something meaningful to give to Chloe’s teachers – whether they are a teacher’s assistant – or the school secretary – as long as this person makes an impact in Chloe’s life – I would try to thank them during Chrsitmas.  This year – I also have to remember to thank the janitors.


So I decided to get them these – they come from the local Farmer’s market and I’ve tried it myself all summer – a bottle of apple salsa and some home made BBQ sauce for her teachers in school.  But the janitors are getting chocolates this year.  What other suggestions do you have for me – for gifts for Chloe’s teachers?


  1. I’m with you about saying ‘thank you’ to the teachers. I have spent the weekend baking cookies with my girls for their teachers. We bought these melamine tumblers, filled them with cookies or white choc rocky road, wrapped them in cello paper and tied with a Christmas ribbon. The teachers loved it, it was inexpensive and my girls had a hand in making the cookies. Most teachers don’t expect much, a simple present from the heart means more than an expensive and lavish gift from the store.

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