It was 15 mins drive to Austrain Inn – and it always makes us hungry after sending Chloe  for horse riding classes but we get to go out and eat – which is our favorite.


The Austrain Inn looked small from the outside but it has a huge capacity inside as you can see.


It was very spacious and we went late for lunch – therefore, you don’t see many customers at this time.


The service was good and the food was good too.  We had a hard time deciding on what we wanted.


The soup that came with my meal wasn’t something i liked too much – so I didn’t drink it.


Chloe as you can see loved this place a lot.


Her chocolate milk came first.


Chloe had fish and chips – they dont have this in the kid’s menu – I think they don’t have a kid’s menu to be honest. But the next time I have to remember to ask them not to put the green stuff.  I think it was basil if I am not wrong.


I had the most wonderful BBQ schnitzel chicken with some buttered rice and carrots – they were such a healthy combination if you asked me.  By far the best meal I had here in Canada.


PB had the chicken cordon bleu – he likes it  – the chicken is good – but the ham and cheese inside were different from what he likes – but he said the chicken was really tender.  We always have a hearty meal after Chloe horse – riding and she enjoys it so much – we really want to get her the right apparel for classes next year.

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