My htc buy must be the smartest investment as a food blogger.  Why?  you know how we food bloggers loved to take pictures of any kind of food we buy, eat or see right?  but what if you had forgotten to bring your camera along with you and/or if your camera doesn’t have enough battery juice for you to take that special food picture you found and needed to share it with your friends/fans.  That’s when you whip out your 8 MP camera phone with high definition with an LCD screen and take the picture you need for your next blog post.


Yes!  this was the crab meat I wanted to buy to make crab cake – but didn’t know if this was good enough – since they were frozen.  So I took a picture of it to show it to my friend – the one who taught me how to make crab cake and she replied instantly after seeing the picture.  So for those who don’t have a camera handy the next time – trust your HTC smartphone to give you the picture you need.

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