I had a really bad migraine this morning after breakfast – and normally it doesn’t bother me very much but once in a while my head hurts so much I wished I knew what causes the migraine.  Back home in Asia my mom would have insisted that I visit the good old neigbborhood medical hall to pick up some ginseng or various different kind of health food to help with my migraine.  Unfortunately, we don’t have medical hall here in the West.  My girlfriend who moved to Texas and married someone there talked about Lubbock migraine center – a specialist there – and we’ve discussed my migraine attacks in great length.  I don’t think mine is a chronic migraine, it just comes when it wants to come and even a tylenol with extra strength doesn’t help very much these days.  I’m just glad that it doesn’t happen everyday else I would be handicapped by it.

I know there are extensive studies on migraine and medical procedures one can take to help with chronic migraine and migraine treatments for children.  I can’t imagine any child having to suffer with the pain of migraine can caused and if Chloe ever had the same migraine as I – I would spare no cost to bring her to the best migraine center or treatment.  But for now, I’ll just have to rely on health food for my migraine like the good old fashion way that my mom had insisted on.  How do you treat migraine pain?  Do you have a specialist you see?  any recommendations?  any health food or soup you care to share?


  1. MeiPY

    I’ve heard from friends that sitting or sleeping in a blacked out room helps… Not sure about painkillers…

  2. Lily

    I just avoid chocolate, cheese and wine. Destress and go for a mild massage with peppermint oil. The last thing I would want is food though.

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