I don’t know if it is just foodie and food bloggers who loved anything to do with food – but I do and whenever I see kitchen gadgets that I can use and they are lovely in color – I go ga-ga over them.  I saw these at our local supermarket and fell in loved with them – they are great for making single portion of lasagne or even baked spaghetti.  They come in oval shaped and round shaped – the round ones can probably be used to make Tiramisu or one can attempt to make baked onion soup in them.


Endless food and dishes I can think of to use these stoneware.


Baked rice anyone?  They are very cheap too at Sobeys – less than $4 I think – love the colors.

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  1. candy han


    i wanted to ask if is it possible to get the casserole pot exported out from your place to Malaysia? if possible i would like to know. is hard for us chef in malaysia to get a casserole pot like that. we could but would be expensive. please reply when you see this. hive_han@hotmail.com

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