I loved to use the oven to bake my food – from fish to garlic bread but you and I know that heating the oven up and then baking something for 10 -20mins is really a lot of electricity used.  So I try to use the steamer instead more often – because the charges for our electric bills during the winter are very expensive.  Unlike a friend who lives in NJ – they have nj electricity that promises savings for those signed up with them.   Here, we don’t have a competitive rate – therefore, I have no choice but to use my oven efficiently.

So you asked how do I do that?  well, if I wanted to use the oven that evening – I make sure that it’s not just one thing that I am going to bake.  I will bake my chicken wings or cookies or whatever I need for the next few days  – so that I don’t have to turn on my oven for just a 12 mins baking of a fish and then shut it right off.  These days, you really have to save as much as you can – when it’s over the roof when it comes to electric bills.  So like all others, we always asked ourselves – to keep the family warm or eat?  I say keeping warm is very important – wished we had a competitor here for Scotia Powers.

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