Hot & Sour Soup

What a trying month this month was – and it’s a leap year and all – the store had been doing extremely well and so had my advertisers – but it had been a trying month.  If I can exchange all that for my mother-in-law I would in a jiffy.  Even though we just buried … [Read more…]


For those of us from Asia – cuttlefish snacks are not strange at all – in fact we loved it with a passion.  We eat it when we watch a movie – we eat it when we are at the beach – we eat it just because.  I loved cuttlefish snacks and these are courtesy … [Read more…]

Tim’s Donuts

Like us Asians – the french people are very hospitable and they loved having friends over – and like us – they liked to bring something with them when they visit.  So when I visit any of PB’s relative I try to bring some donuts as well – plus the donuts are cheap if you … [Read more…]

M & M Triple Cheese Ravioli

Ravioli, Ravioli – I just loved Ravioli – who can resist them right?  I loved spinach ravioli – cheese ravioli and just about any kind of ravioli.  I even had a pasta machine to make ravioli when I was home in Singapore.  But now that I can get ravioli anytime, anywhere in Canada – there … [Read more…]

Pizza @ Goodies

Pizzas @ Goodies?  yes, that was what a customer at our store said to me when I showed him the pizza I had bought from Goodies at John Street – right across Pharmasave.  Last Friday, owner and baker – Lena Fevens announced that she will be having pizza for sale – personal pizzas – with … [Read more…]