Hot & Sour Soup

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What a trying month this month was – and it’s a leap year and all – the store had been doing extremely well and so had my advertisers – but it had been a trying month.  If I can exchange all that for my mother-in-law I would in a jiffy.  Even though we just buried her a week ago – I still cannot believed that she is gone just like that.  Life is so fragile – so the people you loved how much you care and eat well but moderately is what I feel these days.

Today I felt like a hot and sour soup but I also wanted some wanton – so I ordered a bowl of hot and sour soup and a bowl of wanton and had them for lunch.  The hot and sour soup was good – but I still liked the ones I had at the Amara hotel at the Chinese restaurant in Singapore – those were really real hot and sour soup and I wished to go there because my sister used to work there as the host of the restaurant and I wanted to show my support for her work.  I would bring friends and associate there to eat – and I don’t really know if I in turned embarrassed her instead of showing my support – come to think of it.  But anyhow, that was ions ago – and now she is a happily married woman with a few boys and a husband who owns his own Japanese restaurant in Singapore.


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For those of us from Asia – cuttlefish snacks are not strange at all – in fact we loved it with a passion.  We eat it when we watch a movie – we eat it when we are at the beach – we eat it just because.  I loved cuttlefish snacks and these are courtesy from Jen from   Jen sent me some during Chinese New Year and I chomped all of it down within a week – that’s how much I loved cuttlefish.  This one is a bit spicy and I loved it.


And this one is the kind I eat when I was growing up.  Now eating cuttlefish is yummy but beware of cuttlefish breath for the rest of the day and for old farts like me – digestion may be a problem  – hahaha!!

Tim’s Donuts

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Like us Asians – the french people are very hospitable and they loved having friends over – and like us – they liked to bring something with them when they visit.  So when I visit any of PB’s relative I try to bring some donuts as well – plus the donuts are cheap if you buy them by the dozen and the varieties are a lot too to choose from.


The box is pretty as well – and so presentable – so if I wanted to thank the doctor’s or nurses or just about anyone – I can bring a box of tim’s donuts.  Everyone loves Tim’s donuts and coffee.

Farewell, Grammie

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Today, we bid my mother-in-law – Olivette goodbye.  This morning, her sisters called from the hospital at 6am – and as soon as the phone rang, my heart dropped right into my stomach – I knew that Grammie was either gone or going.  By about 8am grammie took her last breath and she was gone.  How sad and how fragile a life can be.  She was here 2.5 weeks ago – going into the hospital for a CT scan – thinking she had an ulcer in her stomach – then it turned out to be an enlarged liver – a few days later – they told her she had cancer from somewhere that had attacked her liver and 90% destroyed her liver.  Everything went downhill after that.


Everything went so quick – we were quite dazed to be honest.  Thanks to my mother-in-law’s sister – Aunt Yvette – who fed her after we had gone to the funeral home and what a lovely and yummy seafood chowder – even better than the ones I’ve tasted elsewhere.   My mother-in-law side of the family are pretty good cooks  – and everything there is a gathering – the food was aplenty.  But today was one of the hardest day that we had to endure.

Dial For Food

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For those who are not aware of this – my mother-in-law is in the hospital and she had been there for 15 days today.  At first she could eat and in fact eat better than she did when she was home.  The hospital had the dial for food arrangement for her – and they provided her with a menu and all and she was pretty happy about it – because she said the food wasn’t bad at all.   She was on the surgery floor and they had all sorts of equipment from computer cabinet to sanitizer just about everywhere on the floor.

But a week went by and she asked for subway instead – which we did get for her as soon as she wanted to eat but this week, she couldn’t even eat jello at all.  Yes, her condition had worsen within days – she could hardly walk and cannot find it comfortable enough to get rested.   The hospital had been good to her – and they do try to make her feel as comfy as possible and for that I’m grateful.  In Canada, the hospital is not as frightening as the ones back home – maybe the ones back home are so huge – and one might get lost in the hospital – here in Canada or rather in Yarmouth – the atmosphere is quite different – quite warm – quite pleasant – and not cold.

PS :  My MIL doesn’t have much time with us anymore – so it’s a great comfort to know that she is currently in good hands.

M & M Triple Cheese Ravioli

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Ravioli, Ravioli – I just loved Ravioli – who can resist them right?  I loved spinach ravioli – cheese ravioli and just about any kind of ravioli.  I even had a pasta machine to make ravioli when I was home in Singapore.  But now that I can get ravioli anytime, anywhere in Canada – there is no need to make the pasta yourself especially one that you can microwave for 10 minutes and ready to eat.


I love that the tomato based sauce are in cubes instead of mixed into the ravioli and then microwave it.  This i find that the ravioli doesn’t get all mushy.


Or you can heat them up in a pot and then serve with garlic bread and tabasco sauce – super awesome and you can serve this when you have a friend over too – they would think you are an awesome chef  – haha!

Care Package From Toronto

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A few weeks ago, Chloe and I received a care package from Toronto – Jen from was so kind to pick up all the food even though she is very pregnant by now and mailed them to me.  All sorts of goodies in the box of food – and ang pow for Chloe as well.  So kinda and so generous.


In the box, I had jam from home, cuttlefish, chinese noodles and candies for Chinese New Year – also was a Nian Gow – for Chinese New Year.  As I eat them – I shall unveil each of the goodies to you.  Thank you Jen for your kindness and effort – I appreciate it tremendously.

Housewarming Food

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Of late we’ve been going for housewarming a lot, for some of our friends and customers at the store bought some new houses and moved in recently.  And like every woman out there – we loved housewarming not only because we are able to view the decoration of the house and get ideas to decorate our own home – we also loved all the housewarming food the host provides for their guests.   The homes that we’ve visited of late are manufactured homes and since we lived in a manufactured homes ourselves – we like to compare not only the house but the prices as well.


A friend who invited us to his first new home – had this chocolate fountain with fruits, marshmallows and pretzel sticks and it was very appropriate because he had kids too – a lot of kids were invited for the housewarming.


Another friend had this seafood salad for his housewarming – yummy to the max!  but what i liked most are these finger sandwiches – they were absolutely delightful and delicious.


Pizza @ Goodies

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Pizzas @ Goodies?  yes, that was what a customer at our store said to me when I showed him the pizza I had bought from Goodies at John Street – right across Pharmasave.  Last Friday, owner and baker – Lena Fevens announced that she will be having pizza for sale – personal pizzas – with pop and a cupcake for $5.99 – now that’s a pretty good deal if you asked me.

So how was the pizza? I hear you asking – especially since you wouldn’t think you can get pizza from a bakery right?  well, I had the pepperoni and cheese and it was absolutely yummy.  Not oily or too much – just the right amount and I like that it didn’t give me the greasy after taste like one local pizzeria we don’t patronize anymore.  I think the size is just right for the girls/ladies and the price is great too.  Now since I’m diabetic – I would have preferred a choice of coffee if possible – and I didn’t take the cupcake but paid the difference for a cream puff instead.  I also would have liked the crust to be abit more thinner and crispier but that’s not really that important – because the pizza was really good.  To save cost, maybe Lena would consider a paper bag instead of a Styrofoam box  – so there Pizza at Goodies on Fridays and you can call up and reserved yours as well as let Lena know what you want for your toppings.  When Friday comes I want Pepperoni, cheese, bacon bits and mushroom on my pizza.

Bak Kwa From Little Red Dot Kitchen

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A few weeks ago, just before the Chinese New Year – a box from UPS came for me – I was very, very happy!  why?  because in it was some food from home that I haven’t had for many years.  I ordered them from United States, a place called the Little Red Dot Kitchen that everyone who’ve gone abroad and migrated in United States raved about.  I’ve read reviews and some food bloggers from US whom I’ve known for years swore by it and said it was a taste from home.   Thanks to my advertiser – I was able to get some shipped to me thru’ courier and it arrived 10 days later.  Much anticipated and I was definitely delighted with what I found inside.


2 Ibs of bak kwa !  and if you are wondering what bak kwa is – I’ll explained it a little – it’s like the beef jerky that you eat – but this is sweeter and a lot more moist and can be eat with anything – from rice to noodles or even a sandwich – or by itself.  It’s sweet and savory.  They are grilled in slow fire and has a perfect balance of smokiness and sweet and saltish.


The most expensive meat I’ve ever eaten – $80 for 2 Ibs shipping included – but it was worth it.  Would I buy it again?  for sure – but for those in United States – shipping is only $4.99 – so you have it made in USA.   But there is a place in Vancouver that sells it online too after I ordered from the Little Red Dot Kitchen – so I’m going to try that out soon and let you know how it compares.

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