A few weeks ago, just before the Chinese New Year – a box from UPS came for me – I was very, very happy!  why?  because in it was some food from home that I haven’t had for many years.  I ordered them from United States, a place called the Little Red Dot Kitchen that everyone who’ve gone abroad and migrated in United States raved about.  I’ve read reviews and some food bloggers from US whom I’ve known for years swore by it and said it was a taste from home.   Thanks to my advertiser – I was able to get some shipped to me thru’ courier and it arrived 10 days later.  Much anticipated and I was definitely delighted with what I found inside.


2 Ibs of bak kwa !  and if you are wondering what bak kwa is – I’ll explained it a little – it’s like the beef jerky that you eat – but this is sweeter and a lot more moist and can be eat with anything – from rice to noodles or even a sandwich – or by itself.  It’s sweet and savory.  They are grilled in slow fire and has a perfect balance of smokiness and sweet and saltish.


The most expensive meat I’ve ever eaten – $80 for 2 Ibs shipping included – but it was worth it.  Would I buy it again?  for sure – but for those in United States – shipping is only $4.99 – so you have it made in USA.   But there is a place in Vancouver that sells it online too after I ordered from the Little Red Dot Kitchen – so I’m going to try that out soon and let you know how it compares.


  1. MeiPY

    Hmmm, I think the pork versions I’ve seen are red. This is the first time I’ve seen this version.
    But don’t eat too much MB! Sugar levels!

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