For those who are not aware of this – my mother-in-law is in the hospital and she had been there for 15 days today.  At first she could eat and in fact eat better than she did when she was home.  The hospital had the dial for food arrangement for her – and they provided her with a menu and all and she was pretty happy about it – because she said the food wasn’t bad at all.   She was on the surgery floor and they had all sorts of equipment from computer cabinet to sanitizer just about everywhere on the floor.

But a week went by and she asked for subway instead – which we did get for her as soon as she wanted to eat but this week, she couldn’t even eat jello at all.  Yes, her condition had worsen within days – she could hardly walk and cannot find it comfortable enough to get rested.   The hospital had been good to her – and they do try to make her feel as comfy as possible and for that I’m grateful.  In Canada, the hospital is not as frightening as the ones back home – maybe the ones back home are so huge – and one might get lost in the hospital – here in Canada or rather in Yarmouth – the atmosphere is quite different – quite warm – quite pleasant – and not cold.

PS :  My MIL doesn’t have much time with us anymore – so it’s a great comfort to know that she is currently in good hands.

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