Today, we bid my mother-in-law – Olivette goodbye.  This morning, her sisters called from the hospital at 6am – and as soon as the phone rang, my heart dropped right into my stomach – I knew that Grammie was either gone or going.  By about 8am grammie took her last breath and she was gone.  How sad and how fragile a life can be.  She was here 2.5 weeks ago – going into the hospital for a CT scan – thinking she had an ulcer in her stomach – then it turned out to be an enlarged liver – a few days later – they told her she had cancer from somewhere that had attacked her liver and 90% destroyed her liver.  Everything went downhill after that.


Everything went so quick – we were quite dazed to be honest.  Thanks to my mother-in-law’s sister – Aunt Yvette – who fed her after we had gone to the funeral home and what a lovely and yummy seafood chowder – even better than the ones I’ve tasted elsewhere.   My mother-in-law side of the family are pretty good cooks  – and everything there is a gathering – the food was aplenty.  But today was one of the hardest day that we had to endure.


  1. simie

    Indeed life is so fragile. We can’t take anything for granted but instead we should cherish everything given to us especially our loved ones and let them know how much we love them.

    May your mother-in-law rest in eternal peace.

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