Growing Herbs

Inspired by a friend’s backyard and her growing her own herbs – I’ve decided to landscape my lawn and grow my own herbs as well in my garden.  So I’ve contacted several landscaper and contractors and gotten some quotes for landscaping my lawn in late April – early May.  I’m quite excited about it and … [Read more…]

Organic Veggies Versus Inorganic Veggies

I love any kind of veggies except cauliflowers but these days I choose to eat organic veggies only – and not because I’m being upper class but more so for health reasons.  I’m sure you all know that organic food are food that doesn’t have chemicals, pesticide or synthetic fertilizer to help it to grow, … [Read more…]

McBristro Chicken Sandwiches

So Mcdonald’s had a promotion for these Mcbristro chicken sandwiches for 3 days starting from today – and it will end on Friday.  For less 50% – if you haven’t tried it – you should go check it out – my advertiser said to me – hahah!  so I did – I bought one at … [Read more…]

Gourmet Burger For Lunch

I don’t know why I ordered burger to be honest but I’m guessing I wanted something different and something with sauerkraut but ended up with a honey bear burger.  Not that they didn’t have a sauerkraut burger but it came with another type of meat or was it a wiener burger? i cannot remember now. … [Read more…]

Healthy Snack Bites

Yes, healthy snack bites you can send along with your spouse when they are working outdoors with their welding helmet or in the woods.  Especially for those who are diabetic like myself – this is definitely a great healthy snack bite – cheap, low calories, tasty and definitely very low sugar.   This was new at … [Read more…]