Food For The Sick

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,Health,My Musing,Slow Cooking | Monday 30 April 2012 11:14 am


We’ve all been sick – down with something – the entire week – so soup it is for us – and today I had Tim’s beef and noodles – it was ok – nothing to shout about.  I would have preferred Gary Kent’s soup to be honest – but it wasn’t a Saturday – so not much I can do but to take what’s best next.  We have been cooking a lot of noodles soup and thank God for good friends like Lynette who had brought some fishballs back from Halifax for us – so we’ve been eating noodles with fishballs a lot too.

Something New @ The Farmer’s Market

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Yes, something new at the Farmer’s market – fruit flan and cream horn as well as cream cheese ones.  I didn’t try any this week as I already bought some savory items but next week, I’ll be sure to try some.  Plus, check out the peanut butter and chocolate cookies – that chloe loved so much  – for it reminds her of her Grammie – they used to bake them together.


I really want to try the fruit flan – next week – I’ll be sure to go earlier.

Liquid Water Enhancer

Posted by mamabok | Drinks,Food Review,My Musing | Wednesday 25 April 2012 10:29 pm


Came across these liquid water enhancer at our local supermarket and since the shape of the carrier was so unique, I stopped to check it out.  These liquid water enhancers are actually bottles of different flavor to flavor your water to make it more interesting and drinkable.  0 calories and no sugar in them – great for diabetics like myself.


I liked that they’ve got so many flavors for you to choose from and the cost?  less than $4 – worth a try – so I’m going to get some and try it out and let you know what I think of them.  Sometimes, just plain water can be hard to swallow and if a little flavor can make one drink their water – why not right?

Home Made Meatball With Spaghetti

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A few weeks ago at the local Farmer’s market – I decided to get some lean ground beef locally.  I haven’t tried these kind of mince beef before but I heard they were way better because the cows were properly cared for and given proper feeding.


King Limousine Farm was where the beef came from and they came frozen.  And since I wanted to make meatball spaghetti for the longest time, I decided to buy 1 Ib of the minced beef.


So after talking and reading up some recipes for meatballs with spaghetti, I decided to try some.  First I baked the meatballs and then after cooking the sauce, I put the meatballs into the spaghetti sauce to simmer.


The meatballs looked yummy but were a bit dry – PB said it could be because they were lean minced beef – the next time I’ll try the regular minced meat and then make the meatballs again.


This one was for chloe to bring to school for lunch.   She did eat some of the meatballs but not all – and I don’t blame her – I’m going to try again making the perfect meatballs.

Housewarming Gifts

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We were at a housewarming party last night of a family friend and yes, it was a smashing party – there were so many interesting people who had attended the housewarming and the housewarming gifts were  aplenty.   I’m sure you are wondering what we had gotten the proud home owners – Abbie and Alex for a gift and I have to tell you that we have a hard time picking the right gift all the time.  We didn’t want to buy any gift, we wanted to buy a gift that they would appreciate and use often and as a food blogger, I had thought of getting them a Kyocera set of ceramic utility knives but you know us Asians we don’t like to give knives for a present because it’s bad luck – so the superstition goes.   So we decided on a full length wall mirror instead – and that was a pretty genius idea right?  who doesn’t need a full length wall mirror – in fact I would like one in each of my rooms if possible.  So yes, if you are ever start with buying a housewarming gift – instead of a bottle of wine or hard liquor – try a full length wall mirror, I know i would appreciate it.

Too Much Good Food

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I’ve been spoilt of late – thanks to Jen – from Toronto and Chapman her hubby – they sent me a box of food from home! woohoo!! last nite I had prawn noodles and today I had Assam Fish – pretty awesome I tell you – I had 2 bowls of rice and then brought some more to the store to eat during lunch.   I guess I need to take some myonox now – because I know I’ve put on weight just this week – eating so many good food.  Cuttlefish, 3-in-1 tea and now these.


The assam fish is so easy to cook – it’s just awesome – you throw everything into a pot of bowling water with the paste – and in 15 minutes you can eat an awesome plate of rice.  I had fish, crab sticks and tofu – unfortunately, I couldn’t find brinjal or okra – else it would have been perfect.  But I did get tomatoes into the bowl of assam fish soup – and it was absolutely heaven! Thanks Jen !  now to go out and get some diet pills – but so worth it.

Compliments Red Velvet Cupcakes

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I had gone to Sobeys to order a special cake for a special kid’s birthday and came across a new cupcake made by the brand compliments and since they do look a lot like Goodies cupcakes – I figured we should try it out.   At $1.15 a piece it wasn’t a bad price at all.


They had a few kind to choose from – the chocolate chip, vanilla, red velvet and a lemon flavored one.


Surprising, the cupcakes were pretty good – we tried the vanilla ones and the chocolate.


Everyone that we offered the cupcakes too – were impressed with how soft the cupcakes were.


So if you are craving for cupcakes – check out Sobeys for their home made Compliments brand.

Food For A Sick Child

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,Health,My Musing,The Brat | Monday 16 April 2012 1:13 pm


Just came back from seeing the people with medical uniforms – and yes, Chloe is down with the sniffles AGAIN!  she just got well – not too, too long ago and she is at it again.  So we brought her to the pediatrician – just to make sure it is not an allergy and it’s a cold.  So home we came and she said she was hungry – so I quickly whipped up a bowl of rice stick noodles with veggies and mushrooms instead of ordering food from the Chinese restaurant since we don’t know how busy they can get.  And Chloe had everything except the veggies of course – and she announced that I was the best cook in town – muahhaha!!!  what a cute kid I have.  But yes, from now on – I will always cook for her when she is sick instead of getting food from outside out of convenience because sometimes, it isn’t as convenient afterall.

Good Homemade Soups Plus

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Slow Cooking | Friday 13 April 2012 1:38 pm


Best homemade soups is more like it !  one of the best homemade soup I’ve tasted in town – so if you are looking for a good and hearty soup – look no further.  Gary Kent will be at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Yarmouth every Saturday.


Or for those who wants a specific type of soup reserved for you – give the chef a shout – thru’ the phone number or an email – I’m sure he will try and accommodate you.


I’ve tried both the beef barley and the chicken noodles and they were really good.


Some pita crisps to go with your soup.


Lots of carrots, barley and beef – really yummy!  check out Chef Kent’s stall right by the door at the Yarmouth Farmer’s Market – you won’t regret it.

Easter Fun Baskets

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Easter came and went but not without some fun at Chloe’s school – they had Bingo Night last week and it was the first that I had been to – since Chloe entered the school.  It was very fun – for the kids and it was a bonding time with our children.


The baskets were contributed by generous parents and they were put together – to be won during the night when someone won the bingo.


It last for 1.5hrs – the bingo – and everyone was having a lot of fun.  They should do this more often I’ll say.


The baskets came in different theme – for each grade – from Easter baskets to a Garden basket.


Chloe and I didn’t win – but her friend the other Chloe won – and she shared her basket with Chloe – now how sweet was that!

Home Made Jam For Easter

Posted by mamabok | Breakfast,Food Review,Fruits,My Musing,The Brat,Western | Monday 9 April 2012 3:33 pm


Home made jam don’t need to be plain in the jar – you can pretty it up and make them look a lot more pleasing and appetizing.  A  little bit of dress up on the home made jam from Grampie –  made very pretty easter gifts for Chloe’s teacher the day before Easter.


This was how it looked after we did a little bit of dressing up on the plain looking jars.


Chloe did the decor – while i tied the flowery clothe and ribbon onto the cap.


A sticky to say who they are for – and viola !  you have jam as present and they become so meaningful.


A nice touch  – won’t you say.  And all of Chloe’s teachers loved the jam and decor.

An e-book You Must Buy!

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Entertainment,Friendship,My Musing | Friday 6 April 2012 1:45 pm

Many times in our life – we go thru’ many ups and downs and sometimes we don’t have anyone to talk with or to share with because some things are too personal. Sure we loved our family and our family must loved us – but sometimes how to share some really intimate things right? very malu (embarrassing) and what if they don’t understand you and think that you are some trouble-maker or treat you differently after you share it with them? Yes! yes! i understand it all – and you might thing you are the only one – but my dear blogging friend – Kopi Soh -who has a Masters in Psychology can tell you that you are not the only one. She also specializes in marriage, family and child counseling and her e-book which cover many aspect of our lives in different stages of our life – may help you understand what you are going thru’ currently. This e-book is not fictional – it’s about real life cases – and if you are a Crazy Chinese Woman or Ice Cube Junkie Fan – you get a real special deal – so don’t say I don’t share, share ok! Follow the birdie – and get this ebook for a small price of $9.90 while others are paying as much as $27 – don’t miss out on this offer now and no – I’m not getting any commission – or earning any money outta it – just thought you shouldn’t miss out on this great ebook.  Those who’ve followed my blog for years – will know that I only recommend the good stuff – so hurry !  buy “Oh, I thought I was the only one” NOW!

Oktoberfest Sausages

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For those who don’t know this – i loveeeeeeeeeeee  sausages – especially to BBQ them – but you all know that sausages are not the healthiest.   But these days sausages is an alternative to fish and chips for Chloe when we eat out of our home – so on Sunday when we were up at Grampie’s we bought some to cook there – so that we don’t have to eat one or two and then forget about the rest of them in the fridge.

The Oktoberfest sausages by Schneiders were not expensive at all – they were around $5 or a little bit more – and they were pretty good – albeit a bit spicy – but Chloe loved it – and she had this for her supper and lunch the next day at school.  I loved it but only ate one because we had pot roast and BBQ ribs too on Sunday – so there was a lot of food.  Everyone had a good meal – and Chloe finished her sausage – so another new kinda food added to her list of food that she would eat.  What about you ?  do you like sausages like I do?  I can eat it with just about anything – potatoes – or noodles and even by itself.  I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner – or even supper.


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