Just came back from seeing the people with medical uniforms – and yes, Chloe is down with the sniffles AGAIN!  she just got well – not too, too long ago and she is at it again.  So we brought her to the pediatrician – just to make sure it is not an allergy and it’s a cold.  So home we came and she said she was hungry – so I quickly whipped up a bowl of rice stick noodles with veggies and mushrooms instead of ordering food from the Chinese restaurant since we don’t know how busy they can get.  And Chloe had everything except the veggies of course – and she announced that I was the best cook in town – muahhaha!!!  what a cute kid I have.  But yes, from now on – I will always cook for her when she is sick instead of getting food from outside out of convenience because sometimes, it isn’t as convenient afterall.

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  1. good hearty soupy meal there! it’s amazing how chloe like mushroom…i always like kids whom eat mushrooms or veges 😉 get well soon lil Chloe…

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