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I’ve been spoilt of late – thanks to Jen – from Toronto and Chapman her hubby – they sent me a box of food from home! woohoo!! last nite I had prawn noodles and today I had Assam Fish – pretty awesome I tell you – I had 2 bowls of rice and then brought some more to the store to eat during lunch.   I guess I need to take some myonox now – because I know I’ve put on weight just this week – eating so many good food.  Cuttlefish, 3-in-1 tea and now these.


The assam fish is so easy to cook – it’s just awesome – you throw everything into a pot of bowling water with the paste – and in 15 minutes you can eat an awesome plate of rice.  I had fish, crab sticks and tofu – unfortunately, I couldn’t find brinjal or okra – else it would have been perfect.  But I did get tomatoes into the bowl of assam fish soup – and it was absolutely heaven! Thanks Jen !  now to go out and get some diet pills – but so worth it.

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