Pork Jerky From The Dragon’s Den

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For those who’ve watched or followed the Dragon’s Den show – you would probably have seen BKH ( Bee Kim Heng) which incidentally also means Beautiful Golden Smell in Chinese.  BKH Jerky is located in Vancouver, Canada but the recipe and taste originated from Singapore (where I come from), so when my advertiser asked if I wanted to try the Pork Jerky from The Dragon’s Den show – I said sure!   So I ordered 2Ibs of Pork Jerky and paid a fixed shipping fee of $10 and the BKH Pork Jerky arrived very quickly – less than a week thru’ Singapore Post and registered.  I was pleasantly surprised because the last time I had Pork Jerky from the Little Red Dot Kitchen took almost 3 weeks to arrive thru’ Fedex.

2 vacuumed packets of 1Ib each of Pork Jerky – and I couldn’t wait to get home to try it after collecting it from the post office.  So how did it taste?  pretty good – they were moist – they tasted and smell like the Bak Kwa from home – but alas, one little shortcoming – the slices of pork jerky were thick and therefore quick tough to chew.  I promptly wrote to BKH Jerky about it – and they had suggested that I nuke them before eating – that would soften it.  Well, I did and it did soften it – but unless I wanted to have the microwave close by and nuke them for a couple of seconds every few bites I took, the meat was still pretty tough.

But it was good nevertheless but for $60 for 2 Ibs of pork – I don’t think my jaws can afford the massive chewing cause everytime I eat the pork jerky – my teeth and jaws hurt from chewing.  I don’t know if it is just me – but this is only my opinion and for others – it is probably not so tough for them.  But if I wanted to eat Bak Kwa again – I would have no choice but to pay more from New York and have them shipped it to me from there.    But again, that does not mean that BKH Jerky isn’t good – it is just too tough for an old fart like me.  So you check it out if you are in Vancouver – and let me know how you feel about it.

Entertaining Friends From Montreal

Friends from Montreal came to visit last weekend and brought us gift of bertucci watches  for both PB and myself – they are just too sweet and in return we brought them out for dessert at Jungle Jims.  We had wanted to try out desserts at the new cafe but they weren’t open that day – and Jungle Jims never fail us when it comes to desserts and service.

Our friends from Montreal came to see if they can invest here in town and buy a house here to retire and we were happy to show them around and introduce them to a few businesses that they might be interested in.  This visit is way too short – but we will lined up some places for them to see in the summer when they come back for a second visit.  They do like the town and they do see potential in our small town.  I can’t wait to have a bigger Asian community in Yarmouth – that way we may even  have an Asian grocery store here – haha!   But yes, they were so sweet and even though the trip was short – they brought us such an expensive gift.  PB was shocked to say the least because the watches were the vintage watch he was looking for and we had only mentioned it briefly years ago to our friends from Montreal.  They definitely are nice people.

Asian Food From Toronto

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,My Musing | Friday 25 May 2012 12:37 am

Another box of Asian grocery came yesterday from Toronto for me.  Thanks to Jen from Passion4food.ca – for taking the time to find me all the yummy food that I missed so much.  In this box – she sent tea, Assam fish paste, Owl 3 in 1 tea and chinese noodles for Chloe.  I’ve also opened the black vinegar she sent – and loved it.  Thanks so much Jen and Chapman!

Home Cooked Chilli Crab

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The crab came from my father-in-law and the Sambal paste came from Jen from passion4food.ca.  Father-in-law had a few bagful of crabs left on his doorsteps and he had already cooked it – he gave me some to bring home.  So today, I stirred fried it with sambal sauce from Tean – and it was darn yummy!  gotta loved the father-in-law for sharing his food with me.

Lobster Fish Cake @ The Farmer’s Market

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing | Monday 21 May 2012 11:41 pm

Bought this lobster fish cake from the Farmer’s market cooked by Gary Kent – you know me and lobsters – so I bought 2 pieces and a tupperware for $10.  I tried it and loved it – he had used sweet potatoes in and it was absolutely sweet.  Nuke it and put some salsa to go with the lobster fish cake and have a salad with it and you can make a meal out of it.  I do like the new item but would have loved more lobsters in them.

Basement Renovation Update

Posted by mamabok | General,Home Essentials,My Musing,The Other Half,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Friday 18 May 2012 2:09 pm

Well, for those of you who have been following my blog – you would know that my basement is under renovation and its into its 5th week already.  Yes, it had taken a wee bit longer than expected but it’s coming and at the moment we’ve exceeded what we had put aside for the renovation work for the basement – in fact – we are closed to $14K into the basement already and it’s not even completed.  Worrisome to say the least but not having a basement to do other things with can be quite frustrating.  Luckily, for us – we have extra money for situation like that but for those who needs extra money immediately – what do they do?  Well, in Texas – USA – they have the  title loans Texas  that can help you get extra cash for emergency but I don’t think they have such a place here in this town.

So I’m glad that we did do some saving up before starting on the renovation at the basement – else we would really be in a fixed wouldn’t we?

This is where the wood stove will be – and that alone will be another $2500 at least.

Home Made Banana Bread From Farmer’s Market

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Baking,Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing | Wednesday 16 May 2012 2:11 pm

I love anything banana – to tell you the truth – but the banana bread I’m used to – usually have a good strong taste of banana – and the best ones were those that had banana slices on top of it.  Now those were super yummy.  I bought this from the Farmer’s market – and they were really sweet – not really a lot of banana taste – but nevertheless good.  I may even try and make some myself with banana slices on top soon.

Philadelphia Cooking Creme

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Condiments/Ingredients,Cooking,Food Review | Monday 14 May 2012 2:18 pm

The philadelphia cooking creme is a new product in the market – I chance upon it recently at the local grocery store and decided to give it a try – afterall, cooking should be easy and fun and these cooking creme comes really handy to give your food the extra flavor.  I tried the tomato basil because I wanted to play it safe – with my fajitas and they were really yummy!

I’m going to be trying out other flavors as well – and let you know what I think of them.  In the meantime, you may want to pick up a tub or two and try them out yourself and let me know what you think of them.

For those who are making lasagne for just one person – you can try using the tomato basil on them as well – they do add the extra flavoring I needed for my lasagne for one.

Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by mamabok | My Musing,The Brat,The Other Half | Sunday 13 May 2012 4:22 pm

To all the good moms out there – Happy Mother’s Day – hope you had a pampered day today – afterall, it is your day!  relax, enjoy and love always.

Planning A Play Date

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Planning a play date for Chloe and her friends was a fun one for me – not only because I get to buy all sorts of food to introduce to them – I also get to plan all kinds of games for them to play with.  Of course, I had help from my good old friend Mabel and her brain teaser puzzles  and we were all set to entertain a few of Chloe’s friends from school and church.

We bought some cheese calzone from the Old World Bakery down on Main Street and the kids loved them – and wanted more.  Full of real cheese in them and some tomato paste making the calzone so yummilicious .  This makes a meal by itself but since we had other food for the kids to eat – we cut them into bite sizes.

We also bought some Baklava for everyone – and this turkish dessert was a delight to all the kids – it was really and had peanuts in them – lucky for me I checked to make sure that no one was allergic to peanuts.

We had cookies from the Farmer’s market.

Actually a variety of cookies but of course, we let them play on their own as well with dolls and watch a movie.  The play date went super well – and all the kids went home happy and fed with junk.

Assam Seafood

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I loved the Assam fish paste that Jen had sent from Toronto so much – because it’s so easy to cook and so healthy too.  Better than eating burgers and pizzas that’s for sure.  I can’t seems to get enough of the Assam seafood paste that I had asked Jen to send some more to me soon.

Fragrant Jasmine rice with tofu, salmon, fish balls and tomatoes – a wonderful lunch and easy to cook – 15 mins max.

The Weekend


The weekend came and went so quick, I do wished sometimes we had 48 hrs a day and not just 24 – don’t you ?  so what did you do for the weekend?  Well, we had a BBQ on Saturday with friends and relative and on Sunday the weather was so good, we went to Cape Fuchu to fly our model aircraft with some friends and extended family, then we had a feast of pizza and cake.  Our model aircraft wasn’t working so well but PB’s uncle used a clevis pin and fixed it or hold it together and since he wouldn’t let us pay for the clevis pin – we bought lunch for everyone.   We all had chicken and pineapple pizza from Greco and cake from Superstore, we decided that everyone should order what they liked and most ordered the same thing and I was too hungry and didn’t get pictures of the rest of the pizza except ours.


The truffle cake was so yummy – it was all mousse and chocolate and no cake in it – Chloe loved it.


Very rich but not too sweet even I couldn’t resist it – I had some.


While we finished up our food, the kids and their fathers went off to play with their model aircraft till late in the afternoon.  Then we headed over to the in-laws and had supper there.

Green Food Radio Show

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I was invited recently by a top green food radio show in United States to talk about my blog thru’  audio conferencing with them about food blogging and all about blogging and making money thru’ blogging.   The fans of this green food radio show wanted to know as a food blogger how can one make our passion turn into money.   I was very honored of course but since everyone listening in must loved food and good food, they of course qualify to be a food blogger and as to how to turn your food passion into money, well, that’s even easier.  Like the green food radio show, I too have a following too and the more people read your blog, the more money you will make.  Traffic is the key to all blogs and if you have something they like and want to know about you, well, half the better is already won.  As for the rest, everything will fall into its place.  Our audio conferencing with other food bloggers around the globe was an interesting one, hopefully, they invite me again – the next time they want more tips about making money with food blogs.

A Simple Supper

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We have been eating a lot of home cooked food of late because for the entire month – it was either Chloe was sick and down with a cold or me and then followed by PB.  After we got over the cold, I had a bad sinus attack which caused me so much pain on my cheeks and teeth that I had to pop advil like I was a druggie.  That was no fun!  finally – we found the cause of it and got the right medication to stop the sinus infection.

You cannot imagine the delight when I finally stopped popping advil – I was kinda afraid that it might burnt my liver out – now that wouldn’t be fun at all.  Anyhow, we have been cooking simple meals from home – so that we don’t have to eat outside food and hopefully soon – things will go back to normal.  I loved assam fish so much but when the fish ran out – I just fried an egg and had the rest of the seafood with the assam fish soup.  It was definitely a simple but yummy meal.

Cake Party

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Yes, I had a cake party on my birthday – some home made like this lemon meringue by Aunt Helena – which by the way was yummilicious.


A very awesome carrot cake from George and John with real butter cream.


And this absolutely fabulous chocolate cake with chocolate glace – and easter chocolate eggs also made by Aunt Helena.


And a customary birthday cake bought at Sobeys by PB.   Now isn’t it awesome to have your birthday on the same day of Easter?  double celebration.   This year grammie didn’t bake me a cake like she used to – this is the first year in many years that I’ve not had a celebration without grammie.  It’s kinda sad to be honest and even though my birthday is usually quiet I kinda missed having her bring me the cake with lighted candles and Chloe all excited and wanted to blow the candles.  We all missed her.

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