For those who’ve watched or followed the Dragon’s Den show – you would probably have seen BKH ( Bee Kim Heng) which incidentally also means Beautiful Golden Smell in Chinese.  BKH Jerky is located in Vancouver, Canada but the recipe and taste originated from Singapore (where I come from), so when my advertiser asked if I wanted to try the Pork Jerky from The Dragon’s Den show – I said sure!   So I ordered 2Ibs of Pork Jerky and paid a fixed shipping fee of $10 and the BKH Pork Jerky arrived very quickly – less than a week thru’ Singapore Post and registered.  I was pleasantly surprised because the last time I had Pork Jerky from the Little Red Dot Kitchen took almost 3 weeks to arrive thru’ Fedex.

2 vacuumed packets of 1Ib each of Pork Jerky – and I couldn’t wait to get home to try it after collecting it from the post office.  So how did it taste?  pretty good – they were moist – they tasted and smell like the Bak Kwa from home – but alas, one little shortcoming – the slices of pork jerky were thick and therefore quick tough to chew.  I promptly wrote to BKH Jerky about it – and they had suggested that I nuke them before eating – that would soften it.  Well, I did and it did soften it – but unless I wanted to have the microwave close by and nuke them for a couple of seconds every few bites I took, the meat was still pretty tough.

But it was good nevertheless but for $60 for 2 Ibs of pork – I don’t think my jaws can afford the massive chewing cause everytime I eat the pork jerky – my teeth and jaws hurt from chewing.  I don’t know if it is just me – but this is only my opinion and for others – it is probably not so tough for them.  But if I wanted to eat Bak Kwa again – I would have no choice but to pay more from New York and have them shipped it to me from there.    But again, that does not mean that BKH Jerky isn’t good – it is just too tough for an old fart like me.  So you check it out if you are in Vancouver – and let me know how you feel about it.

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  1. Geo

    nothing taste better than the original ‘bak kwa’ from homeland, I’m sure. But being so far away, this could be the substitute…

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