The weekend came and went so quick, I do wished sometimes we had 48 hrs a day and not just 24 – don’t you ?  so what did you do for the weekend?  Well, we had a BBQ on Saturday with friends and relative and on Sunday the weather was so good, we went to Cape Fuchu to fly our model aircraft with some friends and extended family, then we had a feast of pizza and cake.  Our model aircraft wasn’t working so well but PB’s uncle used a clevis pin and fixed it or hold it together and since he wouldn’t let us pay for the clevis pin – we bought lunch for everyone.   We all had chicken and pineapple pizza from Greco and cake from Superstore, we decided that everyone should order what they liked and most ordered the same thing and I was too hungry and didn’t get pictures of the rest of the pizza except ours.


The truffle cake was so yummy – it was all mousse and chocolate and no cake in it – Chloe loved it.


Very rich but not too sweet even I couldn’t resist it – I had some.


While we finished up our food, the kids and their fathers went off to play with their model aircraft till late in the afternoon.  Then we headed over to the in-laws and had supper there.

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