Graduation Dinner @ The Rudders

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It had been a busy week – sorry I didn’t update my food blog but it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t eating – i was eating a lot! with friends and family.And most importantly – this meal at Rudders because a very special boy just graduated from Grade 12.  We were so honored to be invited to celebrate this special day with Josh.  Josh is Chloe’s very special friend – Best Friend Forever For Life.

Hyunjin my Korean friend was invited by Lynette as well.

This is Lynette’s mom – Ros – we drove all the way from the city to attend Josh’s graduation.

Hyunjin bought some flowers for Josh – Josh was smitten.

And another shiny present for Josh from Hyunjin.

Josh and his father – Scott from Nfld – he flew all the way from Alberta to see him graduate – what a lucky boy Josh is.  Very loved by everyone.

Josh and his handsome grandfather – Charlie.

Chloe grinning from one end to another with her BFFFL.

Now the good part ! the food! yummy steak – rare for Lynette.

Fish and chips for Chloe and Josh.

Charlie’s steak

Ros’s fishcake and spinach salad.

Pan fried scallops with spinach salad for Hyunjin.

I had the same as Hyunjin but I had a ceasar salad instead.

Scott had the seafood platter, with lobster bisque and another salad.

Chloe’s dessert of Moon mist ice cream with chocolate sauce.

And the rest of us had the home made praline cake – it was yummy!

And here was Josh reading the card made by Ros – handmade and he was reading it.

More cards and presents of money for Josh for all his hard work.

Hand made card by Ros and heartfelt message.  Thank you for inviting us to join your family for dinner Lynette – this was a wonderful time we had.

Friday Beef & Veggie Special

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Food Review | Friday 22 June 2012 10:24 pm

So as usual, I didn’t know what to eat, since I didn’t cook my curry veggies as I was late as I had to be at Port Maitland Beach to send lunch to Chloe.  She had her class trip today – and we wanted to make sure that she got a chance to go to the washroom.  I was pretty hungry already from not having a snack in the late morning and having a very light breakfast – so I decided that the best bet was to order from Lotus Garden, as they so far haven’t disappointed me in the timing.  When they say 15 mins – the food would be ready by then – as you know I’m diabetic and cannot hold too long without food – else my sugar will run pretty low – so I ordered while coming back from Port Maitland Beach and as expected the food was ready for pickup.

Today I had the beef and veggie with rice – this time there was lots of beef and enough veggies and rice plus an egg roll.  Lots of food for anyone – especially a lady eater.  Food was tasty and the chicken rice was moist.  And best of all – it was a today’s special, so it was $6.95 + tax – I say pretty good value for money.  I’m glad that there are choices for Chinese restaurants – else I would be in big trouble – hahhaha!   I’m inclined to try their other daily special from now on – as I’ve already tried 2 of them thus far.  Stay tuned!  And yes, I do get paid to eat – an awesome job I have!

Flat Out Or Fold It

Posted by mamabok | Breakfast,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Snacks | Wednesday 20 June 2012 2:48 pm

One of my local advertisers asked if I wanted to check out the latest craze about this flat bread and to see if I like it – or found it easy to put together a meal or breakfast.   So I said sure – and sent PB to get a packet of Flat out or Fold it as it is called.  Most often seen in cafes and restaurants when you want an arty farty meal – you can now bring your own for work or for a picnic.  Easy to put a sandwich together – just tossed it into a toaster and it warms up pretty easy and good.  Then you can put whatever you want in between the flat bread, the flatbread comes in different flavor like this Rosemary and Olive oil ones – but I didn’t really taste any in my flat bread but it may be a good thing – because some people don’t like too strong of both rosemary or olive oil.    The flat bread is pretty cheap and you can find them in any of your leading supermarket – in Canada.  I loved that it’s low fat and only 110 calories – a great way to start your day with.

Veggie Curry For Lunch

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,Friendship,My Musing | Monday 18 June 2012 6:53 pm

After having the current from a local chinese restaurant – I figured I should cook something spicier for myself for lunch this week.  So with the Vegetarian curry paste that Jenn from sent to me – i decided to put some ingredients together and cook.  The veggie curry was pretty easy to cook.  Add some water – then add in the paste and when it starts boiling, just drop everything you want to put into the veggie curry into the boiling pot of curry paste.  In this pot, I have tau pok (dried bean curd), sauteed brinjal aka eggplant and cabbage into the pot and in 20 mins – you can have some really good and taste veggie curry.   Eat them with rice or a piece of toasted naan and it was yummy to the max. Will post picture of the paste tomorrow.

Tuesday Chicken Curry Special

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Food Review,My Musing | Friday 15 June 2012 10:58 am

Tuesday special at a local chinese restaurant was Chicken curry with an egg roll and the last time I was at the Chinese restaurant – a customer had raved about the curry chicken, so I had wanted to try it for a few weeks now.  But PB is busy on Tuesdays because it’s movie days – so I didn’t get a chance to try it till this Tuesday.

The chicken curry came with an egg roll and chicken rice (rice with bits of chicken) and it was pretty good especially for someone like myself who loved more veggies and less meat.  There were only a few pieces of chicken – which were pretty tender – and it was a good amount for me.   The curry was not as spicy as I would have liked but bear it mind this was cooked for the massive Canadian population in mind – so it was pretty good standard.  The rice was moist too – so that was good.  It was a good meal for me – because it wasn’t too much nor too little.   So if you are looking to try the curry chicken tuesday special at our local chinese restaurant – I say to go right ahead – it was pretty good.

Business Lunch With A Private Investor

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,BBQ,Food From Home,Food Review,My Musing,The Other Half,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Wednesday 13 June 2012 10:25 am

A few weeks ago, we were up in the city to meet up with an old friend and a group of  private investors we were trying to convince to invest in our town.   Of course, like every business lunch it revolves a lot in bringing them to the right place to eat but this group of investors knows exactly what they want and they brought us to this Mongolian place in the city for a Mongolian BBQ.    Food was pretty amazing but definitely not the kind of food that I could eat on a daily basis but our conversation was pretty interesting too.  When you meet up with private investors from overseas – the things you learned from them you can’t get it anywhere.  These people had traveled the world and talked about investing in millions of dollars and I was really humbled by how down to earth they are and how much they already know about the town and the economy here.  They also want to know about  professional liability insurance   and if we had a company that can do that – and I didn’t even know about such an insurance till that day.  It was a good lunch and I have a good feeling about this good people – they paid for lunch and insisted on it.  Thanks for a good friend from Hong Kong who flew all the way out here to meet up with us and I’m hoping they will come back with some good news.

Chicken Korma @ Farmer’s Market

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I went to the Farmer’s Market all prepared with tupperware and bag for my Chicken Korma on Saturday but Suzanne Morley was all prepared with her own take out cups and paper bags.  So if you are thinking of take out the next time you visit Suzanne’s store – you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.   And yes, I was really anticipating the dish for a week now since AI found out that Suzanne Morley would be cooking up a storm where Chez John’s creperie used to be. For $12, you get a small tub of Chicken Korma – filled with tender chicken and lots of bay leaves and spices in them and a naan bread and onion chutney with yogurt.   But for someone who loved Asian food, I think I need 2 portions in the future.

The onion chutney was really yummy ! i loved it – it filled my car immediately with its smell.

Suzanne scooping up her goodies happily for me.

And there was my chicken korma – yummy!  i had a lunch appointment with my girlfriend and Chloe’s bestie – so I had to keep it for dinner instead – but it was pretty good  but I would have loved more.  Suzanne will have more surprises for us next week – I can’t wait to see and taste what they are.

Family Lunch At School

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Each year, Chloe’s school has a family lunch – where they invite parents and siblings to join them for lunch and a fund raiser for the Grade 6 because they are taking a trip to the city without their parents.   You know me, I wanna support the children as much as possible – so I asked Aunt Helena to bake some cookies for the Grade 6 baking sale and of course, we had to go too.  As usual, we arrived at 12pm and lunch was Rappie pie and beef goulash.  I chose the beef goulash and Aunt Helena had the rappie pie.

Rappie pie was good – and I bought some more for take out for Grampie but the beef goulash wasn’t what I quite expected.

Nova – chloe’s little friend was all alone- so I asked her to sit with us.

The queue for food!  it was a success as you can see – PB bought sweets and so did I – for chloe and chloe’s friends. It was a good day – sunny!  but I ended up ordering wanton soup from Lotus for lunch – hahahah!!!

Tau Pok & Chinese Mushroom Hor Fun Home Made

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These days I bring my lunch from home because of all the Asian groceries that I received from Jen in Toronto.  Jen sends me a lot of Asian spices and food so that I can cook my own lunch and bring it with me instead of eating out so often.  Although it can be time consuming in the morning, if I cook in the evening and stew them overnight – it is easy.

Plus I found dried horfun in single portion that one can cook easily and I loved hor fun so much – so why not cook something nutritious and yummy to bring from home right.   So I had tau pok that Gary brought back from Halifax for me and mushrooms from Hyunjin when she came down from the city for a visit and some chicken strips from Sobeys with hor fun !  yummy to the max ! just the way i remembered it when I was home.

Eggplants aka Brinjal

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Yes!  we called eggplants – brinjal back home – and they don’t have it often here in Yarmouth but I did find some at the Superstore last week and then Sobeys had them too!  woohoo!  I had a brinjal feast!  I haven’t had brinjals for a long time now and it was good!  What did I cooked it with – with my assam fish paste sent to me all the way from Toronto from Jenn – at Thank you Jenn you are a lifesaver!

Chloe posing with the brinjal for me because I was very happy to have some.

Mama Jo’s Bakery Of Home Made Goodies

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Baking,Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Food Review,The Brat,The Other Half | Friday 1 June 2012 10:16 am

If you are ever in Yarmouth on Saturday, you have to drop in at the Farmer’s Market here – at Mama Jo’s bakery – you will find all sorts of home made goodies that even I – a diabetic cannot resist.  Mama Jo’s bakery actually helped us out because of their chocolate chip peanut butter cookie – for it was the cookie that Chloe and Grammie made together every Saturday.  Now that Grammie is gone – and no one to bake that cookie with her – Mama Jo’s bakery came to our rescue just when Chloe was missing her Grammie so much.  Now every Saturday, we head out to the Farmer’s Market if not for anything else – but the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.

But of course, they have more than just chocolate chip peanut butter cookies that we liked.  They have all kinds of bread – that we called cake at home – I’ve tried the banana bread – and liked them – not too sweet – just the way I liked them but some more bananas would be awesome.

All kinds of home made cookies.

Marshmallow chocolate cubes that PB loved and buys them every week.

Biscuits and jellied cookies.

Cinnamon rolls and dates squares and a coconut dessert – all too yummy!  so you know where to get your desserts if you are in town.  Mama Jo’s bakery is always opened late – and the owner is always sweet and friendly – go chat him up the next time you are there.

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