It had been a busy week – sorry I didn’t update my food blog but it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t eating – i was eating a lot! with friends and family.And most importantly – this meal at Rudders because a very special boy just graduated from Grade 12.  We were so honored to be invited to celebrate this special day with Josh.  Josh is Chloe’s very special friend – Best Friend Forever For Life.

Hyunjin my Korean friend was invited by Lynette as well.

This is Lynette’s mom – Ros – we drove all the way from the city to attend Josh’s graduation.

Hyunjin bought some flowers for Josh – Josh was smitten.

And another shiny present for Josh from Hyunjin.

Josh and his father – Scott from Nfld – he flew all the way from Alberta to see him graduate – what a lucky boy Josh is.  Very loved by everyone.

Josh and his handsome grandfather – Charlie.

Chloe grinning from one end to another with her BFFFL.

Now the good part ! the food! yummy steak – rare for Lynette.

Fish and chips for Chloe and Josh.

Charlie’s steak

Ros’s fishcake and spinach salad.

Pan fried scallops with spinach salad for Hyunjin.

I had the same as Hyunjin but I had a ceasar salad instead.

Scott had the seafood platter, with lobster bisque and another salad.

Chloe’s dessert of Moon mist ice cream with chocolate sauce.

And the rest of us had the home made praline cake – it was yummy!

And here was Josh reading the card made by Ros – handmade and he was reading it.

More cards and presents of money for Josh for all his hard work.

Hand made card by Ros and heartfelt message.  Thank you for inviting us to join your family for dinner Lynette – this was a wonderful time we had.

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