Special Bagel & Eggs @ Farmer’s Market

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This is long overdue for we had this awesome bagel, eggs and bacon at the Farmer’s Market quite a few weeks ago.   The Morley’s are from UK originally and they do make some really special food at the market every weekend.

I already had breakfast but I just couldn’t resist trying some bagel and eggs because they really looked so yummy.  Eggs and the grill – and bagel in the toaster.

Brendan is the one who makes all the bagel fresh before coming to the market.  He’s quite a shy chap and didn’t say too much to us.

Lots of yummy to choose from.

And of course the British flag and Arcadian flag.

Brandon putting the bagel and eggs together for Hyunjin and I – for we were going to share the bagel and eggs.

Some pepper.

And don’t forget the bacon too.

One half for Hyunjin.

And mine looked like this.  At $5 for a bagel – it’s definitely not cheap but it was really good – so it’s all good.

More Food From Toronto

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This is long overdue too – because I received this box of food and goodies like in July and already finished eating it hahah!!  Jen from Toronto sent them to me because she knows how much I missed my food from home.  Thank you so much Jen and Chapman – you too are an angel.

Boston Pizza @ Moncton – Dieppe

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On Rainy Days

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On rainy days when you can do much, my friends and I would meet up for a bowl of hot creamy corn chowder downtown and then go find the  best sunless tanning spray  and fake our tan.  Afterall, it is the summer and one needs to get a tan right?  My friends and I are crazy about self tanning and if we really get get enough sun to get a good tan, we use the best sunless tanning spray and do it at home on our own – it’s pretty easy, let me tell you.  But yes, a bowl of soup is great on rainy days but if they had a beef soup or even a mushroom soup, that would be just as great.  Rainy days are for soup and tanning, so who said one can get a good tan when it rains right.

Cat Food @ Farmer’s Market

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Well, I shouldn’t say cat food only but I saw the cat cookies and treats for cats first and they looked absolutely yummy.  Of course, there were also dog treats and they are all available at the Farmer’s Market downtown. Now they are not just ordinary treats – they are home baked and very nutritious I heard and only the best ingredients put in them.  I bought some for my father-in-law’s cat and if someone were selling some  cat bed  I would have bought some too because the cat in my in-law’s house have a habit of sitting on my favorite chair when I visit.  So if there was a cat bed that I can get for them – they have a few cats at home, I could shoo them off to their bed and won’t feel bad about it. Anyhow, you would love the cat and dog food because they are good enough for humans to consume too – I was told.

Manchu Wok

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Whenever we are up in the city, we try and eat some Manchu Wok because it’s chinese and quite authentic at the food court in Halifax.  The food is pretty good but I’ll have to say that each time I eat Manchu Wok they seems to get more expensive.  This plate of food is about $10 – darn expensive right?  if i go to a sit down restaurant and they charge this price, it’s entirely understandable but a food court?  wow!  of course, back home if we are charge more than $3 it’s expensive already and $10 – I better get a piece of abalone – not just sweet and sour pork – hahahha!!  so although I do like the convenience – and the food, I don’t find it worthwhile to eat there.

Breakfast @ McGinnis Landing Restaurant Moncton

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I know I’m more than a month late with some of the good food that we’ve eaten lately, but there is just so much that we’ve eaten of late – especially this summer.  But here it is – McGinnis Landing is situation in the hotel we stayed in during the cousin’s wedding in Moncton, the service was great, I feel that we didn’t tip them enough, the food was good – they had a good menu and of course the Sunday Brunch buffet is something they can brag about.  The whole family gathered there the morning after the wedding.  And these are my favorite people – Andrea, Troy and Aunt Renette.

Some more extended family, Guy, Simone, Lucy and Denise

The other Denise and Simone’s daughter.

My breakfast – of course, that wasn’t all i ate but the egg benedict was really good but a tat dry.

My breakfast from the day before, we arrived a day earlier to settle down.

Chloe’s breakfast from the day before too.

PB’s breakfast – to share with chloe.

Chloe’s waffle.

My favorite people in the entire world.

Aunt Carmen and Mario

All the aunts and Mario.

Aunt Mariette and her family.  We had a really good meal at Mcginnis Landing and I recommend it – we were so noisy, and they didn’t tell us to keep quiet and they were so good. The prices were fair too.

Wedding Snacks

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We were at PB’s cousin wedding in Moncton a month ago and we had a blast.  They had some finger food late in the evening after the wedding ceremony and speeches and we do liked the food – they were really tasty.  We didn’t eat much because it was already late and we had to bring Chloe back to the hotel to sleep -but it was overall a good snack – and can make a meal if you are very hungry.  Chloe had some plain Ritz crackers because she wouldn’t eat anything else.  Now some hot dog right about now would be very nice. hehe!  But who’ve heard of hotdogs during a wedding right?  but wait a minute one of PB’s friend had Macdonald’s for his wedding – now that was too funny – but he used to work at Macdonald’s so it’s not that strange at that time.

Another Visit To Sushi Nami

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After a long drive from Digby on our way to Moncton for the wedding last month, we stopped by for food at Sushi Nami.  And no, we didn’t eat only at Sushi Nami for our mini vacation, we ate at 2 different places besides Sushi Nami for we wanted to try something different.  But first back to this meal – Chloe had water straight away after our long drive.

I had some Japanese tea as usual.

And miso soup.

Agedashi tofu  – wished they had chawanmushi.

PB’s usual sweet potato tempura.

Some chicken yakitori.

Udon for chloe with deep fried chicken that were a wee bit spicy.

Udon wasn’t the greatest – we’ve had better.

Some Maguro sushi

Ebi sushi and some roe sushi.

And mango ice cream.   Food looks little but we were quite full after eating it.  The bill was a little more expensive than usual because I ordered single servings of sushi instead of their signature dishes. Our meal was great – but could have been better.

Wok By The Bay Digby

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Sorry ! this had been long overdue – I’ve had so many good food places that I’ve been to in the last few months, I haven’t gotten to all the reviews yet.  So bear with me, I will be showing you more good food around Nova Scotia and Canada.  Wok by the Bay in Digby is in Digby, Nova Scotia, we were on our way to Halifax when we had stopped  by to Digby to have lunch.  Firstly, the waitresses were very nice and very accommodating – the menu was good – they had a full range of food to choose from, the place was clean and so were their washrooms.

Here’s Chloe and PB messing around while waiting for the food to come.  It didn’t take long and like I said the waitresses were very nice – and so were the owners who happened to work many years in the other Chinese restaurant in town and opened up his own business about a year ago.

They do have Canadian food as well – like grilled cheese and french fries.  PB had those – he is so boring with food – not adventurous as you all know by now.

Chloe had hotdog and fries.

And I had an egg roll.

It had lots of cabbage in it – not really what I’m used to but nice nevertheless.

And sweet and sour fish with beef rice.  The portion was huge as you can see here.  And the fish are like fish nuggets and really fresh.  I couldn’t finished it all but I tried my best.

Wok by the Bay is a great place to stop by for lunch or supper – I would go there again – the next time I’m up in Digby.

This place used to be a small cafe if I remember correctly.

They have saturday buffet as well – give it a try and let me know what you think.

Breakfast @ Jungle Jims

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Normally, we don’t go out for breakfast because PB finds it troublesome to have to head back to use the washroom after breakfast for Chloe.  But a few Saturdays ago, my friends and I made an appointment to have breakfast at Jungle Jim’s because we wanted to make sure that we do something different.   Jungle Jim’s for a busy place on Saturday morning and there was only 1 waitress working – that morning.  I don’t know if it was the norm.

I had the big breakfast, while my friends had the omelet.

With extra bacon on the side.

I love the fluffy pancake from the kid’s menu with a sausage and potatoes – Chloe loved it.  We are going to be doing more breakfast from now on.

Pizza & Sushi Night With Girlfriends

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Friday nights are now usually a time for me and my girlfriends to get together to chat and eat. And I loved Friday nights because I get to invite my different friends to my home and we really enjoy our time together.  So a few Fridays ago, we decided that it would be Pizza night – but because there was a new kind of sushi at Sobeys, I figured we should try that out too.  Sushi and the pork dumpling was pretty good – better than the previous kind that they had brought in from the city.  So for those who haven’t tried “real” sushi – go ahead and try these ones – I highly recommend them and prices are really good too.

The pizza we ordered from Greco was pretty good – but they came so late – I was not impressed at all.  The next time we have pizza night, I’m gonna order it from somewhere else.   We were hungry by then and they had forgotten to bring plates for us too – and I didn’t want to do dishes that night – bummer!

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