After a long drive from Digby on our way to Moncton for the wedding last month, we stopped by for food at Sushi Nami.  And no, we didn’t eat only at Sushi Nami for our mini vacation, we ate at 2 different places besides Sushi Nami for we wanted to try something different.  But first back to this meal – Chloe had water straight away after our long drive.

I had some Japanese tea as usual.

And miso soup.

Agedashi tofu  – wished they had chawanmushi.

PB’s usual sweet potato tempura.

Some chicken yakitori.

Udon for chloe with deep fried chicken that were a wee bit spicy.

Udon wasn’t the greatest – we’ve had better.

Some Maguro sushi

Ebi sushi and some roe sushi.

And mango ice cream.   Food looks little but we were quite full after eating it.  The bill was a little more expensive than usual because I ordered single servings of sushi instead of their signature dishes. Our meal was great – but could have been better.

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  1. Charmaine

    Your Chloe is growing prettier and prettier each day. She is so grown up now, a young lady.

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