I’ve tried many Korean food but I cannot believed I didn’t try Chap Chae – I think we are so stuck on Kim chi alone when we eat Korean food that we forget about the good noodles that the Korean make.   I had the Bulgogi and theBindaeddeok – the Anju and a lot of banchan and the Soondubu Jiggae – a tofu dish that i adore.  I’ve tried the Seolleongtang – but didn’t liked it too much and Ddukbokkie – a kind street food you can get in Korea.  The Yangnyeom Tongdak is really yummy – great for westerners and of course the Bibimbap – a must try if you are trying Korean food – but yes, I failed to try the Chap Chae because it always looked so plain – almost like our chinese food – so I skipped it.

Little did I know that I was missing so much – till a dear girl pal made it for me – the other day.  I tell you – it was really, really yummy!!  and I want to learn to make some for my friends and family as well.  I loved the Korean glass noodles and this is unlike the chinese glass noodles that we have I think – I’m going to check out how she makes it and cook them for myself.

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  1. Frances Bee

    It looks really yummy. I love seeing all the vegetables that come with this dish. wonder may be the glass noodles also known as the sweet potato noodles that I see them here in the local Korean grocery store.;)

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