Seafood In Canada

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Seafood | Wednesday 31 October 2012 3:50 pm

I loved seafood and I’ll eat just about any kind of seafood – plus living in Canada is a plus because seafood is aplenty and the prices are not as expensive as back home.  Back home a good piece of fresh water fish can cost close to $100 in a restaurant – and even in Hong Kong they are not cheap.  I’m pretty blessed when a local grocery store wanted me to try out some of their seafood to let them know if they should bring some more in and these fresh perriwinkles are quite similar to the la – las we have back home.  I brought some home and stirred fried them with sambal chilli (spicy) and it was pretty good – I wouldn’t mind eating them – it reminds me of home – you have to either suck on them after they are cooked or use a toothpick to pick them out – and I don’t think many westerners would do that.

The fresh oysters are at $1.29 a piece and I had 10 of them by myself because no one at home wants to eat them – they were fresh and I had them with a little bit of lemon juice and Tabasco sauce.  Would I get them again?  absolutely!

Business Brunch

Posted by mamabok | Breakfast,Food Review,My Musing | Monday 29 October 2012 10:43 am

I love business brunches and the best brunches are the ones with your accountants and your insurance agents, they really feed you.  But of course, like the spouse said it’s better to have a good accountant and insurance agent than having a good meal – which is true – but the brunch is definitely a bonus right?  While my girlfriends loved their  job, I have to say that although ours may not be as established nor as professional as the ones in Raleigh – ours really saved us a lot of money when it comes to tax time.Anyhow, we recently had brunch with our accountant, and I was pleased that it was not all business but a lot of good information given to us for our next tax year and what we can do to save cost and also what we have to do – in order to get the best possible returns from the government.  See a good accountant is definitely valuable – but brunch was good and playing catch up was even better.


Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Shopping,Vegies | Friday 26 October 2012 10:27 pm

Asparagus are not as expensive as they are back home.  My daughter’s godmother from Singapore was cooking some with baby abalones the other day and showed me how expensive they were.  I think we paid like $4.99 a bunch !  unfortunately, no one eats asparagus at our home, my mother in law used to cook them for me – and i loved it but now that she ain’t around – you know I don’t get to eat them anymore.

Chloe showing her godma Lina – the good asparagus.

Special Pumpkins For Special People

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,My Musing | Wednesday 24 October 2012 11:01 pm

Every year, the father-in-law grows some very special pumpkin for us in his garden, pumpkins with our names on it – now tell me that’s not special for you.  Yes, he carves the name into the pumpkin when they are really small and they turn out this way when we are ready to bring them home. Yes, we feel so special every halloween.

Chloe and PB carved this pumpkin during the weekend at Grampie’s house. We don’t decorate much at home because on Halloween we  are not home, we are out the entire night.

Chef Special #8 @ New Century Restaurant

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,My Musing | Monday 22 October 2012 11:40 pm

This is a half order of Chef #8 – Honolulu Seafood Supreme with lobsters, scallops and prawns (shrimp), stir fried with pineapple and a bed of mixed veggies and broccoli.  You can eat it with rice or with noodles or it is as it is.  I usually ask for rice and it’s $15.95 for a whole order – but you can order half if you cannot finish them or have other dishes you eat with.  I loved the taste of this dish because it’s sweet and it has got some pineapple bits in it making the dish a bit fruity – great for children who loved seafood – healthy too.  The dish may looked plain but don’t be deceived by the looks because it really is pretty good.

Yong Chow Fried Rice

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Food Review,My Musing | Friday 19 October 2012 1:01 pm

Yong Chow Fried Rice is usually the dish we all order when we have kids with us or when we need something to fill our tummy.  The reason is because Yong Chow Fried Rice is usually with a lot of goodies in them, from shrimp to veggies and BBQ pork and of course rice fried together.  I ordered a half an order of Yong Chow Fried Rice the other day to show you how it looks like  – the rice is fried with eggs, fresh shrimp and yummy bbq pork – I like my Yong Chow Fried Rice without any sauce – but this one comes with some soya sauce to give it a bit of color and more taste.  The Yong Chow Fried Rice is $9.75 + tax and half an order is about $5 + tax at the New Century Restaurant downtown Yarmouth.  – You can call to order in advance if you like at 7429288.

Pan Fried Dumplings @ New Century Restaurant

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review | Wednesday 17 October 2012 10:53 am

The pan fried dumplings at the New Century Restaurant that I newly discovered that they had.  This is also called Gyoza back home and it’s as chinese as you can get here.  Famous in Japanese restaurants as well but in a Japanese restaurant they used a different dipping sauce.  Here you can dipped them in plum sauce or plain soya sauce but we asked for red vinegar with some julienne ginger but diced ginger is fine too.  The Pan Fried dumpling is fried till a little crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  Wrapped in gyoza wrapper and with meat filling inside, it’s yummy to the max.  You can eat it as a meal itself and a soup or you can just have them as an appetizer and then order a main meal. At $8.25 definitely worth eating.

SzeChuan Special #29 Vermicelli Singapore Style (Hot)

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Food Review,My Musing | Monday 15 October 2012 11:20 am

So today I’ve decided to order SzeChuan Special #29 Vermicelli Singapore Style (Hot) – now why they called this Singapore noodles I don’t know because truth be told, Singapore don’t have this kinda noodles.  How do I know?  I’m from Singapore !!!!!  hahahahha!!! but go to any Canadian Chinese restaurant or any restaurant in the States and even in UK – you will have this in the menu.  But nevertheless, it was quite yummy – a bit spicy for some people but you can order it with less curry powder if you don’t want it to be so spicy.   The skinny rice noodles comes with bbq pork, shrimp, onions, beansprouts, eggs and corn – stirred fried together with a special sauce and of course, some curry powder.   This is but a half an order – so if you don’t want to eat so much, you can always tell the girls at New Century Restaurant on Main Street – you want only half an order.  A full order is $13.95 – so enjoy! for i certainly did.

Chef Special #2 @ New Century Restaurant

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Food Review | Friday 12 October 2012 8:24 pm

This is just half an order of Chef Special #2 at the New Century Restaurant and I chose not to have green pepper or chicken because I don’t like the two of them.  With a bed of cantonese noodles, you see there are lots of veggies, some char siew (BBQ pork) and of course large shrimps.  It’s  alot even for me – just half a portion – but it is something I like very much because it is pretty closed to the Chinese food I get at home.  So if you want real chinese food, try the Chef Special # 2 at the New Century Restaurant at downtown Yarmouth, Main Street.

Meeting Up With New & Old Friends

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing,Pasta,Pizzas | Wednesday 10 October 2012 8:29 pm

I love time with my friends and I have the tendency to invite even new friends to meet with old friends so that they all can be friends. So today I invited a new friend to meet up at Boston Pizza for lunch with some old friends and like usual, they hit it off and there we are all friends now.  My girlfriend order a sandwich this time – I can’t remembered what she ordered but she said it was good.

Next, this is from the kid’s menu – and Jasmine ordered Bugs n’ Cheese with alfredo sauce.

Chloe had the chicken fingers and so did our new friend – Rebekah – but she ordered the adult version of course.  Rebekah is such a nice young lady – I hope that when Chloe grows up, she will be like Rebekah.

Armeli our new friend from Peru ordered this classic nachos – very yummy looking.

And lynette had this for starters – the 3 cheese bread of course, her favorite.

Lynette made her own pasta – the penne baked with alfredo sauce and 3 meatballs – real italian meatballs.  She said it was pretty good too.

Me and another gal pal had a half order of the Jambalaya fettuccine – our current favorite now because it’s spicy.  Lunch was great – I wished we had more time we spent with each other but as usual, some are very busy running errands, so we had to go our own ways.  Next time, I’m going to tell the gals – at least a 3 hrs lunch. hahahah!

Home Made Vegetarian Lasagne

Posted by mamabok | Acadian,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta | Monday 8 October 2012 9:47 pm

I do eat out alot as you can see but I do sometimes cook and experiment with other kind of food.  I found a recipe thru`a friend from here for a vegetarian lasagne and decided to try it out since I loved lasagne and I also loved mushrooms.  And I figured how hard can it be right?  Well, I pleased to inform you that the vegetarian lasagne turned out pretty good but it could have been better, I think I overcooked it therefore, I didn’t share it with anyone and luckily I didn’t cooked a big dish of it – I was smart.  The next time, I would try with lower temperature and shorter time.  I figured my stove was different from the friend, therefore, it turned out different, I would have loved for my lasagne to turn out more moist – what about you?

Project Next Summer

Posted by mamabok | My Musing,The Brat,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Friday 5 October 2012 12:59 pm

Chloe is not that young anymore and even though we bought a a new swingset this year, it certainly isn’t going to do her any good for too long now.  If only we had some playsets richmond va  to help us with the above like playset, I think she will be quite happy.   Problem is, the playset we get here isn’t as solid as the ones you see above here because these are customized playset.  I know it cost a little more but it would be worth the money if Chloe has fun with it and is able to share it with her neighborhood friends. So my mission for next summer is to find someone who can build me a playset that will fit the age of my kid – who is going to be 9 years old in a few months.  I don’t want to buy a generic playset anymore, I want a customized one – with experts who will put them up for me and get the material and everything up and going without us having to do anything.

Coconut Rice With Sambal Prawns

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Chinese,Food From Home,My Musing | Wednesday 3 October 2012 6:33 pm

I cooked some coconut rice aka Nasi Lemak and some sambal (spicy) prawns because I missed home cooked food once again.  So I just wanted a taste of home out of a sudden and found some Nasi Lemak paste in my pantry and of course some sambal (spices) to stir fry some prawns that I had bought and frozen a long time ago.   I had also wanted to let one of my girl pal taste my food from home and being Korean, you know they can eat a lot of spicy food but after tasting it – she too said it was truly spicy.  Therefore, I didn’t bring any to share with Chloe’s teachers the next day.

Making Nasi lemak is pretty easy, some coconut juice and pandan leaves and you are all set.  Plus, you can add just about anything into that sambal sauce, Ikan bilis is recommended and really cheap and some peanuts would be nice too.  But I had mine with sambal prawns, cucumber and a fried egg.  You can have yours with boil egg if you desire or some people add some tomatoes with it too.  I had chicken wings with mine as well and that’s pretty common back home too.  So yes, I enjoyed my rice very much and for those who loved spicy – you should definitely try some.

Boston Pizza’s New Menu

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Food Review,Meet Up With,My Musing | Monday 1 October 2012 6:39 pm

I really try not to eat the same thing over and over again – but I tend to stick to something I liked but one gotta be a wee bit more adventurous if you are writing about food right?  Plus, my big boss told me the other day – please go eat something new.  So when Boston Pizza came up with a new menu – a few weeks ago, I had to go try it.  But of course, my gal pal had to have chicken wings this week – hahahah!!!  now how unadventurous was that!

Next she had that 3 cheese toast loaded with bubbling cheddar, pizza mozzarella and Parmesan and a wee bit of garlic and she swears by it.  I did try it sometime ago, and found it really rich.  A single order of this bread is about $5.25 – so not a bad price at all.

I had the sirloin steak with steam veggies and a salad with raspberry vinaigrette, alas – the steak was tough, i think i might need to order medium rare instead of medium well from now on.

My other gal pal had her usual Jambalaya fettucini – half order of it.  If you didn’t know by now, one can order a half order of pasta from Boston pizza – now isn’t that good? actually it’s great for people like us who can’t eat so much in one meal.

Then we had dessert – this was S’mores Pizza and it was definitely yummy!  we could have that again.  The marshmallow was burnt just the right amount.

This was a brownie with chocolate and ice cream but the brownie was rather dry – kinda disappointing but nevertheless a great meal.  Plus we got a great waitress, Tanya and we got a 15% discount because of the steak and the brownie.   But we left a $10 tips too.

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