I cooked some coconut rice aka Nasi Lemak and some sambal (spicy) prawns because I missed home cooked food once again.  So I just wanted a taste of home out of a sudden and found some Nasi Lemak paste in my pantry and of course some sambal (spices) to stir fry some prawns that I had bought and frozen a long time ago.   I had also wanted to let one of my girl pal taste my food from home and being Korean, you know they can eat a lot of spicy food but after tasting it – she too said it was truly spicy.  Therefore, I didn’t bring any to share with Chloe’s teachers the next day.

Making Nasi lemak is pretty easy, some coconut juice and pandan leaves and you are all set.  Plus, you can add just about anything into that sambal sauce, Ikan bilis is recommended and really cheap and some peanuts would be nice too.  But I had mine with sambal prawns, cucumber and a fried egg.  You can have yours with boil egg if you desire or some people add some tomatoes with it too.  I had chicken wings with mine as well and that’s pretty common back home too.  So yes, I enjoyed my rice very much and for those who loved spicy – you should definitely try some.

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