I loved seafood and I’ll eat just about any kind of seafood – plus living in Canada is a plus because seafood is aplenty and the prices are not as expensive as back home.  Back home a good piece of fresh water fish can cost close to $100 in a restaurant – and even in Hong Kong they are not cheap.  I’m pretty blessed when a local grocery store wanted me to try out some of their seafood to let them know if they should bring some more in and these fresh perriwinkles are quite similar to the la – las we have back home.  I brought some home and stirred fried them with sambal chilli (spicy) and it was pretty good – I wouldn’t mind eating them – it reminds me of home – you have to either suck on them after they are cooked or use a toothpick to pick them out – and I don’t think many westerners would do that.

The fresh oysters are at $1.29 a piece and I had 10 of them by myself because no one at home wants to eat them – they were fresh and I had them with a little bit of lemon juice and Tabasco sauce.  Would I get them again?  absolutely!

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