So today I’ve decided to order SzeChuan Special #29 Vermicelli Singapore Style (Hot) – now why they called this Singapore noodles I don’t know because truth be told, Singapore don’t have this kinda noodles.  How do I know?  I’m from Singapore !!!!!  hahahahha!!! but go to any Canadian Chinese restaurant or any restaurant in the States and even in UK – you will have this in the menu.  But nevertheless, it was quite yummy – a bit spicy for some people but you can order it with less curry powder if you don’t want it to be so spicy.   The skinny rice noodles comes with bbq pork, shrimp, onions, beansprouts, eggs and corn – stirred fried together with a special sauce and of course, some curry powder.   This is but a half an order – so if you don’t want to eat so much, you can always tell the girls at New Century Restaurant on Main Street – you want only half an order.  A full order is $13.95 – so enjoy! for i certainly did.

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  1. Charmaine

    Same here, the Singaporean noodles are cooked with curry powder, but I’ve also never had this back home even in Malaysia. Maybe becos of the curry powder. I do like it though.

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