Chocolate Chimi-Cheesecake

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The chocolate Chimi-cheesecake from Jungle Jims was so sweetttt…!!!  ohhhhh!! i couldn’t finish eating it – I only had 1 piece and my g/f had the rest packed home for dessert – to be eaten slowly.  Maybe I should have ordered the berry ones – don’t get me wrong – it was yummy – but oh my ! so sweet!  Apparently, the Chimi-cheesecake is a Mexican Twist desert and the cheesecake and chocolate are rolled inside a tortilla skin and fried till crispy.  Unfortunately, ours wasn’t that crispy – it was more bread-like.  At $5.99 – not a bad deal at all.

Bailey’s Bakery

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Food Review | Wednesday 28 November 2012 12:22 pm

Bailey’s Bakery located at Highway 1 – near Hebron – in Yarmouth is a little way out of town but it’s definitely worth checking out I told myself.  Rumors has it that they had gotten the Old Minard’s recipes for cake making and they are making pretty much the same stuff Minard was making before they retired.  Please check it out and support your local business.

sugared donuts.

Cream Puffs ! yummy! not too sweet – just the way i like it – but huge though.

chocolate cubes – not bad but could be a bit more moist.

Jam Fancy

Lemon Cubes

Mocha cubes

Pineapple cubes


Fancy Christmas cupcakes.

And some plain donuts at 0.50 cents each.  They have a lunch menu too but I haven’t tried it – so give Bailey’s Bakery your support and go try it out.

The New Lotus Garden

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Food Review | Monday 26 November 2012 2:13 pm

So everyone asked me – have I tried eating at the new restaurant – but actually it isn’t a new restaurant, just new owners.  I think the Wongs are from PEI – but don’t quote me ok – it’s just what I’ve heard.  Anyhow, I decided to check out the new owners and their food and was kinda surprised to see the old owners working there as well.  So I’m guessing that the food would be just as good as before.  And as you can see here – there were addition buffet arrangement and an ice cream counter.   So for those with kids, – I’m sure you would loved it.

We ordered some chinese tea to go with our food – for we loved how chinese tea can wash away the oil that you take in during your meals.

We ordered the lunch for the day – a choice between chicken balls and scallop balls.  So I ordered a scallop – while my g/f ordered chicken balls.

I have to say that both were pretty good and wasn’t just flour in the chicken balls or scallop balls as you can see here.  I really liked that the batter weren’t much and the sauce was nice.  But the rice could have more flavor to it.

I do liked their egg rolls – it had a hint of curry powder in them.   Overall, it’s a good restaurant – but like all new restaurants and owners, they need to have time to plant their feet down, so do give them a chance.

Yummy Dessert At Buffet

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The New Century Restaurant has a new dessert menu for the buffet – did you know that?  yup !  cream puffs, coconut pies, cheese cakes and ice cream – don’t forget the fruit cocktail too!  Very nice addition to the buffet table – and I see that the buffet was really crowded today too – food must be good eh.

Breakfast At Cora’s

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Breakfast at Cora’s in Halifax rarely disappoints.  We went to the one located on Dresden Row next to Pete’s Frootique – you can’t missed it.  Cora served breakfast and lunch in this location only.  It was a late breakfast – about 11.30am actually when we arrived – we were on vacation – so no hurry. Chloe was with her favorite aunt.

I cannot remembered what this was called – but it certainly looked good.  This was Chloe’s aunt’s.

Chloe and PB shared a pancake – because this was only what she would eat.

PB’s breakfast – he’s easy to please.

And this was mine – I’m being very good – had lots of fruits and french toast – it was certainly yummy!

Chloe was all happy after breakfast – she had her energy back.

Cora’s kitchen

Healthy Eating And Healthy Living

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They say that healthy eating means healthy living and if healthy eating means eating Lebanese food like these – I could eat these everyday.  The food at the Little Lebanon is by far the best i’ve tried here in Canada.  And not only are they good they are not expensive at all.  But of course, healthy eating must come with some healthy living – so I have to find yoga clothes  for myself and attend some yoga classes to begin my healthy living as well.

For starters we ordered some avocado with feta cheese – they were so yummy ! to die for !  we could eat these alone for the entire meal with some pita bread.  But I was so greedy – I had them on its own – I bet the owner must think I’m a bit weird! hahahah!

Anise tea for my sister from another mother.

And she had the mixed plate extra with a little of everything.  I highly recommend this plate  – because it was so good.  I especially loved the falafel.

And I had the beef sharwma plate.  In fact, the food was so good we went back the next day for more – yums!  try the little Lebanon in Yarmouth, down on South end – directly opposite the Red and White grocery store.


Sushi Nami

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Japanese,The Brat,Vacation | Friday 16 November 2012 8:06 pm

We wanted Japanese of course during our trip up to Halifax and sushi nami we went – thinking that food would be quick but they were quite packed that night after the Christmas Parade and we weren’t expecting that.

Chloe and her favorite aunt playing with the iphone while waiting for our orders to be taken.

Some miso soup to start off the meal and green tea of course.

Agedashi tofu for me and Chloe’s aunt.

Sweet potato tempura for PB – but no more teriyaki chicken – they changed the menu.  Poor PB – those were the only 2 dishes he eats at any Japanese place.

The fusion sushi – the Royal Nami roll.

Chloe wasn’t going to eat any.

She ordered some udon with tempura chicken but they came so late – poor chloe she was starved and after taking a few bites – she didn’t want them because the udon was hard.  But the manager explained that udon were supposed to be this way – because they were “fresh”  but the waitress had already told us that they came pre-packed and pre-cooked – *sigh* and I’ve never tasted hard udon before.  Chloe didn’t eat it and neither did we.  I wasn’t happy with the explanation – but that’s alright – we won’t order any noodles for Chloe no more.

The tempura chicken was good but Chloe wasn’t eating it – so PB and I ate most of it.

We ordered some margaro sushi and sashimi  (forgotten to take pictures of the sashimi) because we were too engrossed with the manager on the discussion on the noodles.  But both the sushi and sashimi were good.

Chloe trying to be gung-ho with her noodles but she just couldn’t stomach it – I don’t blamed her – I tried the noodles myself – I wouldn’t eat it too.  Some $90 later – the kid didn’t get her meal – we had to go to macdonald’s to get her some french fries and mcbites.  This wasn’t a good trip for Chloe.

Pizza Delight Buffet Lunch

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So the boss had asked me to check out the buffet at Pizza Delight – so me and a good friend went today to check it out.  I was surprised that there was a table available at 12.15pm but it was quite crowded.  The waitress was really nice and attentive and she quickly seated us and started on the buffet immediately.  I had some potato salad, some ceasar salad and fettuccine and a piece of bacon bits bread I think.  The buffet didn’t have names of the dishes they were serving, so we were left guessing as to what we were eating.   The salad, fettuccine and the potato salad was nice and they still didn’t have Tabasco sauce even though I am sure I’m not the only customer asking for it because there was a customer who had left her own bottle at Pizza Delight for her own consumption.

My girlfriend had some lasagne, some green salad and cold pasta salad too.   The lasagne was so – so – I tried some myself and didn’t care too much for it.

This was the salad bar.

More on the salad bar.

Some rice or couscous ?

Bacon bits on bread

Pepperoni Pizza – I didn’t try those.

More pizza but I don’t know what kind they were.

Some meat pizza i think.

Some more pizza.  So there you have it – for $10.99 on weekdays – if you are not too fussy about food, they have a pretty good selection, as for me and my friend – I think we would go for the ala carte the next time.

Atlantic Smoked Salmon

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Seafood | Wednesday 7 November 2012 3:42 pm

I’ve always loved smoked salmon and since i didn’t have any for a long time now – and I saw a blogging friend Charmaine having these for breakfast one day – I decided to get some too.  Atlantic Smoked salmon are not expensive at all, in fact –  this package of smoked salmon only cost me $8.99 – now if you can get them on sale – they are as cheap as $6.99.   I loved the packaging – because it keeps the smoked salmon fresh even after opening it for one week.  There was a lot of smoked salmon in the package but I did managed to get 3 good breakfast and sandwiches out of it.  Satisfying… !

Sunday Lunch At Peg’s

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Peg’s on Main Street is still opened for business !  Yes! very much so – and the food are still as big a portion as ever!  so folks ! support your local business if you are in Yarmouth.  Located on Main Street – near the Tourist Promotion Board – you cannot missed it – it’s in a green long building and lots of parking.  And parking is also free too!  Since I haven’t had liver for a long time, I decided to try the liver at Peg’s.  It had 2 portions in the meal and a piece of garlic bread.  I would have preferred it to be chopped and stir-fried but this was still pretty good.  But I could only finished 1 portion because it was huge.

The kid had her usual pan fried fish with chips.

And PB had the Cordon Bleu – lots of chicken as you can see here.

And my sister from another mother had clams – they were really yummy!

Free ice cream for the kid after her meal.  Although there is only 1 waitress, the food came promptly and service was good.  At the moment Peg’s do not have a debit machine – so bring cash when you visit.  I do loved the food here – so support your local business.

Lunch At The Farmer’s Market

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We went out for lunch last week at the Farmer’s market for they were celebrating Halloween at the market.  Most of the vendors were all dressed up for the occasion and a farmer we know at the market came to the market with his tractor and all but I guess he needed new  hydraulic cylinders  for something wasn’t working right as he was trying to lift some bale of hay for display.  The market was busy that day and as usual lots of goodies and lots of things one can buy handmade.  We had an awesome time at the Farmer’s Market and had some yummy BLT on Bagel and a cup of coffee with it.  Of course, we bought sweets and cookies as well as a few bottle of jams and Pretzel for the kids.

Decoration ideas for Halloween.

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