Bailey’s Bakery located at Highway 1 – near Hebron – in Yarmouth is a little way out of town but it’s definitely worth checking out I told myself.  Rumors has it that they had gotten the Old Minard’s recipes for cake making and they are making pretty much the same stuff Minard was making before they retired.  Please check it out and support your local business.

sugared donuts.

Cream Puffs ! yummy! not too sweet – just the way i like it – but huge though.

chocolate cubes – not bad but could be a bit more moist.

Jam Fancy

Lemon Cubes

Mocha cubes

Pineapple cubes


Fancy Christmas cupcakes.

And some plain donuts at 0.50 cents each.  They have a lunch menu too but I haven’t tried it – so give Bailey’s Bakery your support and go try it out.

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