So the boss had asked me to check out the buffet at Pizza Delight – so me and a good friend went today to check it out.  I was surprised that there was a table available at 12.15pm but it was quite crowded.  The waitress was really nice and attentive and she quickly seated us and started on the buffet immediately.  I had some potato salad, some ceasar salad and fettuccine and a piece of bacon bits bread I think.  The buffet didn’t have names of the dishes they were serving, so we were left guessing as to what we were eating.   The salad, fettuccine and the potato salad was nice and they still didn’t have Tabasco sauce even though I am sure I’m not the only customer asking for it because there was a customer who had left her own bottle at Pizza Delight for her own consumption.

My girlfriend had some lasagne, some green salad and cold pasta salad too.   The lasagne was so – so – I tried some myself and didn’t care too much for it.

This was the salad bar.

More on the salad bar.

Some rice or couscous ?

Bacon bits on bread

Pepperoni Pizza – I didn’t try those.

More pizza but I don’t know what kind they were.

Some meat pizza i think.

Some more pizza.  So there you have it – for $10.99 on weekdays – if you are not too fussy about food, they have a pretty good selection, as for me and my friend – I think we would go for the ala carte the next time.

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