Designer Gourmet Gifts @ Sandy’s Gifts

If you are a food blogger and loved food as much as I do, you will know that Sandy’s Gifts Store is a gourmet/chef’s paradise .  In this store, I found some really cool gifts over Christmas for my friends and family.  Everything priced reasonably and wrapped and gift bagged personally by owners of the store – … [Read more…]

Free Lobsters

Cory a customer for a long time and now turned into a very good friend gave us some lobsters – and knowing that I don’t know how to cook them, the Chinese restaurant – on Main Street – New Century helped me to cook them.  So me and my sister from another mother – had … [Read more…]

Christmas Gift Exchange

We were invited to a Christmas tea and a gift exchange amongst friends and the turned out was bigger than I had expected.  There were  lots of food as usual but most importantly, friends gathering and chatting and rekindling our friendship.  We also had a gift exchange and some gave out military coin  to our … [Read more…]

Lunch With My Favorite Girls

Lunch on the weekends with my favorite girlfriends and their children is the highlight of my week.  I looked forward to meeting them and eating and chatting with them.  For the many years that I’ve been in Yarmouth, I’ve finally found a group of like minded ladies to do things with and to spend my … [Read more…]