We were invited to a Christmas tea and a gift exchange amongst friends and the turned out was bigger than I had expected.  There were  lots of food as usual but most importantly, friends gathering and chatting and rekindling our friendship.  We also had a gift exchange and some gave out military coin  to our kids because their spouses’ are still in the army serving the country.  In this part of the world, serving your country whether here at home or in Afghanistan as a peace maker, it’s a highly respected profession, and most of us who received the military coin felt very grateful for these men who ware there to keep us safe.

Some of the food here are home made as you can see but they were absolutely delcious!

Lots of cupcakes for the tea party and if you want to knwo where it’s all pinkish – because we had a lot more ladies than men that day.

Yummy chocolate cupcakes for the children.

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