Chloe loves inviting her friends for lunch with us during the weekend.  And Boston Pizza is one of the places that we bring them because they do have a kid’s menu but no fish and chips in their menu.  One cannot even order a half and order of fish and chips even though you can for pasta.  Unfortunately, I’m not a fish person, so Chloe had to eat chicken fingers whenever she goes to Boston pizza – and she doesn’t really like the chicken fingers here – I don’t know why.  Probably not as tender as other places or the ones made at home.   We always feed the friends whatever they want to eat and they usually enjoy a treat out to anywhere that serves children food.  Boston Pizza is quite kid’s friendly because they do have boxes of kiddies stuff for the kids to enjoy and occupy themselves with but sometimes they don’t have the box, so the kids had to share a container of used crayons – which I’m not fond of.  But yes, kids do eat at Boston Pizza.

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