Lunch on the weekends with my favorite girlfriends and their children is the highlight of my week.  I looked forward to meeting them and eating and chatting with them.  For the many years that I’ve been in Yarmouth, I’ve finally found a group of like minded ladies to do things with and to spend my free time with.  I loved these girls because I know they’ve got my back.

As usual we went to Boston Pizza because they’ve got some really cool food that we liked and the staff are pretty awesome especially the Manager there.   Ms Jasmine ordered spaghetti with tomato base this time and I just wished Chloe would eat like her.

Lynette ordered steak but they weren’t really that rare, she loved it as rare as possible.

Kim had the pesto chicken sandwich i think.

Hyunjin and I had the Jambalaya of course !  we just loved it.

Josh had the dessert and skipped the main course.  We had a good lunch as usual and I hope to get to meet the girls as often as I can.

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