Supper @ New Century Restaurant

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Chinese,Food Review,My Musing | Wednesday 30 January 2013 3:29 pm

Normally, we don’t have supper at the New Century Restaurant or any restaurant unless we have a huge event going on, but a few days ago, my g/f and I decided to just hang out – so we went to pay the New Century restaurant a visit.  Not many people eating out that day – probably because the weather wasn’t that good.  But we ordered the Honululu Seafood plate and a plate of dumplings fried and some rice.

The fried pork knuckles were complimentary from the chef and it was pretty good even though I don’t quite like pork as much.

The Honululu plate comes with plenty of seafood and veggies and it goes great with rice.

And the fried dumpling was just as good.  We had a very good meal – only $20 in total.

Business Lunch With Attorney

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There are many places in town where you can bring someone for a business lunch, just like when I had lunch with some powerful  San Diego Employment Attorney  last week.   If you’ve worked for a company in the States, you would know how important it is to know some powerful attorney because you want them to be there to help you out if you have trouble with your employers.

Of course, I didn’t need to use an attorney when my employers were from USA but it was good to know that I can count of these folks to help me out should I have any problems with my contract or pay or even if I was being treated unfairly being an Asian.  But like I said, I was pretty happy with the company that I had worked for many years ago.

Friday Lunch @ Marco’s

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My g/fs and I usually have our Fridays lunch date at noon – today we decided to go to Marco’s because we wanted the peanut butter cheese cake that they are famous for.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have it that day – we were kinda disappointed.  But the scallops were great – and fresh – we loved it.   I had baked potatoes with mine.

While my g/f had hers with a salad.

Another friend had the pork schnitzel but we had ordered another piece to share.  Unfortunately, this friend of us – only offered the piece to us – when he couldn’t finish – hahahhaah!!! so weird right?  I guess just different culture or is it a man thingie?

Blueberry cream cheese cake – yummy!   We did have a awesome lunch and thanks to my g/f  – H for the lunch.  And interesting conversation followed with lunch about the different dating culture we have  – from the West and East.  It was interesting indeed, while we learned that dating for most men here in this town means hanging out at the guy’s place, for us Asians dating means going out and eating and going for movies, walk in the park and beaches – meeting up with friends.  Yes, a very interesting conversation.

A Feast At The Outlaws

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,The Brat,The Other Half,Western | Friday 18 January 2013 3:52 pm

I love eating at the outlaws – Aunt Helena cooks lots of stuff to choose from and today she had thought that my g/f was visit – therefore, she had a feast brought out.  Unfortunately, my dear friend didn’t come – so I gotta eat extra and brought home some for her.  Appetizer of  oriental mix spring rolls and dumplings  – baked of course from M & M’s.

Garlic bread for starters.

Followed by very yummy lasagne.


French bread.

Timbits was our contribution – heheh!

And a chocolate roll made by Aunt Helena.


And apple crumbled – they were yummy yummy!

A Cigar Bar

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing,Parties,Shopping,The Other Half,Useful Links,Useful Tips,Vacation | Wednesday 16 January 2013 2:59 pm

Sometime during Christmas, we went up to the city because we were invited to an opening of a cigar bar in the city.  As a food blogger with lots of following, you get perks like this – and even though I’m no cigar smoker, I loved buying cigars for my father-in-law and my ex-boss from Spain.  Yes, I still keep in touch with him because he was so good to me when I worked for him – those were the 2 best years of my life.   Anyhow, coming back to the cigar bar – they had a  cigar auction  and it was awesome because I bought some good stuff just in time for Christmas presents.

Cigar bars are very common back home – for those who loved the cigar and wants to have a drink and try different kind of cigars.  My previous bosses were club members of various cigar bars and they used to entertain there a lot.  I met some very interesting and intelligent business people at these clubs.  If you haven’t been to a cigar bar before, you should check it out sometime when you get a chance.

Family Day’s Lunch On Sundays

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta,The Brat,The Other Half | Monday 14 January 2013 10:10 pm

Sunday lunches are precious to me because I get to go out and eat with the spouse and even though he doesn’t like food as much as I, I still think that it’s a good idea to sit together and have a meal.  Chloe loves eating out although she only eats either fish and chips or nuggets and chips – limited selection for her because she is still so fussy.

But she is happy to eat with daddy once a week because she is after all a daddy’s girl.

PB had his favorite fish chowder – and even then I don’t think it’s much.

Jin Jin had a veggie pasta.

We shared a bruschetta together.

I had a lasagne – but I had wanted a seafood one but don’t like the creamy texture, so I settled for a regular lasagne.

We shared a peanut butter cheesecake together.  Of course I had coffee and Jin Jin had earl grey tea and PB had water – Chloe had apple juice.

A Day For Celebration

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A year ago today, my brother-in-law decided that he had to stop drinking and get his life back together.   He drank all thru’ Christmas till New Year’s day and he knew that he had to get help.  Unfortunately, in our small town, we don’t have  alcohol treatment facilities  and when he went to the hospital to seek for help, the doctor told him that he didn’t have a spare bed to help him.  How tragic was that?  This town really needs a good alcohol treatment facility – not many – I’m just asking for one.  Can you imagine asking for help and being turned away.

Anyhow, fast forward a year later, my brother-in-law haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since and he is now driving again after 10 years.   Yes! 10 years!  We are all very proud of him but wished that he had an easier time when he needed help and that the rehab center in the hospital would be more sympathetic to people like him instead of turning him away.

Tomorrow, we celebrate his milestone – but it’s sad that my mother-in-law who passed away a month after he quit drinking isn’t here to share this happy moment.  Olivette, here’s to you ! both Richard and Chris are good boys ! you can rest in peace now.

Live Market Lobsters

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I know you are envying me by now – and I’m envying myself too – live lobsters at $4.99 a pound???!!??  yes !  the fishermen gets only $3.50 a pound for their catches.  Almost seems so unfair I know when they are probably selling like $20 a pound overseas. But yes, these hard shell lobsters are going cheap here and you would think that I eat them often but not really, because I get them at fishermen prices – so you can imagine how much i have eaten during my years in Canada.

A customer of ours own a fishing boat and every time he comes in with lobsters, he drops like a bucket or two to us for years – and after many years when Grammie started to have allergy with lobsters and can’t even boil them at home, we’ve decided to lay off lobsters for a while.

But yes, if I wanted lobsters again, I know who will give me some.

Entertaining Kids In Restaurants

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As a mom, we usually have to bring our kids out with us if we want to meet up for lunch or supper with our other friends, therefore, it would be awesome if the family restaurants around here has tvs mounted on the wall with  premier mounting  and has cartoon channels on them instead of news or sports.  It would make sense for family restaurants to have areas set aside for families with children to have some sort of entertainment, so that the adults can have a proper meal and play catch up right?   I see in UK – where some of my friends are permanently, they have special cafes like that for kids and moms – and I would love to see something like this in this town.

Every chance I get to go eat – is with my kid and my g/fs kids – as moms we just loved bringing our kids along but sometimes, it would really be nice, to be able to chat and the kids are being entertained.  This is Kai from Petawawa – and we only get to see him maybe twice a year – isn’t he too cute or what!

Food is always good at Jungle Jims of course, we have no problems with the food and service excellent as well and our favorite waitress was there working – so excellent ! Lynette had the festive meal – this was some sort of BBQ chicken bites.

Curly fries and chicken fingers from the Safari Kid’s menu for Chloe.

Fettuccine for Ms Jasmine from the kid’s menu.

Burger for Josh – i think this is a BBQ Bacon Cheddar – for $10.99.

A steak for Lynette – that comes with her festive meal.

I had the breakfast menu – but shared my sausages with my g/fs.

Extra crispy bacon.

Jumbo Shrimp Stir Fry

Huijing got some mexican thingie I think.

And this chicken burger  for Kim.

Yummy! lots of food and lots of drinks !  now if only we can entertain the kids with some mounted tv in the restaurant – it would have been perfect – don’t you think?

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