I know you are envying me by now – and I’m envying myself too – live lobsters at $4.99 a pound???!!??  yes !  the fishermen gets only $3.50 a pound for their catches.  Almost seems so unfair I know when they are probably selling like $20 a pound overseas. But yes, these hard shell lobsters are going cheap here and you would think that I eat them often but not really, because I get them at fishermen prices – so you can imagine how much i have eaten during my years in Canada.

A customer of ours own a fishing boat and every time he comes in with lobsters, he drops like a bucket or two to us for years – and after many years when Grammie started to have allergy with lobsters and can’t even boil them at home, we’ve decided to lay off lobsters for a while.

But yes, if I wanted lobsters again, I know who will give me some.

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