It was Grampie’s, Aunt Helena’s and Hyunjn’s birthday – on the same day too!  what a weird coincidence right?  so what we did?  we had a lobster feast for all of them – especially when they all do loved lobsters especially Hyunjin.  Here’s grampie cooking the lobsters now.

In you go lobster!

Grampie showing how he takes the rubber band out from the claws – very brave – I would have boiled them with the rubber band attached hahahha!

Lobsters cooking here

Grampie thinking if he should eat this lobster or not.

Almost cooked lobsters.

Uncle Jerry eating his lobsters.

Hyunjin and Shawn getting to their lobsters too.

Aunt Rainy and Uncle Garth going at their lobsters.

Birthday cake for the birthday boy and girls.

Hyunjin’s present for Grampie

Hyunjin’s present for Aunt Helena.

Aunt Helena’s present for Hyunjin – chocolates.  It was a great evening – but grammie was missing.

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