Not at the local Sobeys but the Sobeys up in the city and I was kinda surprised and hope that the sobeys here don’t go selling pet food too because we do have pet food shops here like the Ascension Pet Needs next to Car Quests where Jungle Jim’s is.   Love Sobeys but would hate if we lose a local business if they start doing that.

In the city, the population is greater, so they can afford to have a Sobeys that carries pet food but not in a town with less than 7000 in population.

I don’t own a pet but if I do, I would want to support our local business just because they know more than your ordinary cashier at Sobeys and they can do special orders for you as well.

I love Sobeys for their groceries but no don’t bring in the Pet food, just like don’t get into movies  – because there are local stores like ours who does movies.

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