Celebrating birthdays are not an uncommon thing in my life – but celebrating birthday with such a special person only comes once in a while.  And today is the birthday a very good sister of mine from another mother.  Lynette is the type of person – who has a heart of gold.  She will take the shirt of her back to help you if you needed it.  I’m so happy that we were able to make her day a little special for her today.

Our little bath and home gift for her on her birthday.

Potpourri for her room in preparation for a romantic night.

Best friends for life – Josh and Chloe

French toast with sausages for Josh.

Ham omelet for the birthday girl.

Hyunjin’s thai chicken bite and some of my breakfast.

Chloe’s fish and chips.

My classic breakfast – that i shared with Hyunjin.

Home made cheesecake just for me from Brianna and Noah.

Noah and Brianna – love this kids.

Brianna’s 8 oz steak.

Large Caesar salad for Noah.

Free birthday cake for Lynette – from Jungle Jim’s.

Birthday card for Lynette.

Dessert at Jo-anne’s quick and tasty – down in Hebron.

Brianna and Lynette – happy moments.

Josh with his peanut butter pie – he loved it.

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