The day had finally warmed up, so the some friends and I decided that we should take a day trip to visit another friend living in Digby.  We’ve always loved Digby, it’s such a wonderful town especially during the summer.  Lucky for me, I had on a ray ban original wayfarer  else the 1 hr drive would have been scotching on my eyes.

The first thing the kids did when we arrived in Digby was to take a picture of themselves and the scenery around time – look how sunny it was – even the kids had to squint their eyes here.  But the breeze was lovely, so it wasn’t that hot for us to walk around downtown Digby.

We loved how picturesque Digby is – everywhere you turn to around Digby gives you the sea, boats and the sun – on a good day.  So if you are thinking of going to Digby, go when the weather is good and bring along your sunglasses as well as sunscreen.

What a lovely day !  always loved to see boats of any  kind.  What about you?

And now some home made Cuban food from our lovely host – Tania from Cuba and Dave from Scotland.  Yummy looking salad, so beautifully dressed up – we don’t wanna mess it up.

Cuban beef – thinly sliced and very tender – flavorful.

Cuban rice with black beans.

And beet root, corn and broccoli salad made by Jackie from Peru.

And a lovely group picture before we left Digby with our host family.

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