The extended family and us had a BBQ at the beach because Godma Lynn came home from Toronto.  This year we didn’t do the BBQ at the lodge because the water pump wasn’t working.  We ended at the beach but I would have preferred it at the lodge but the kids loved the beach and the weather was awesome that day plus a volley ball game was in order too.  Luckily, I bought some new sports bra from for plus size sport bras  not too long ago, so I was pretty happy about joining in the volley ball game.

Joey the cousin’s hubby brought some clams to be boiled at the beach – and for those who loved clams I’m sure you would have enjoyed it but I didn’t eat any and I’m glad I didn’t because my tummy didn’t feel too well after the BBQ.  But having clams at the beach was kinda different and I know that the rest of the family enjoyed it.

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