My girlfriend and I decided to go to Rudder’s Seafood down by the waterfront for lunch and when we saw oysters on the daily special board, we got really excited of course and even before we sat down, we ordered some to try.  Alas, as you can see – the oysters were really small and we had to ask for some lemon and tabasco sauce, I guess – the Canadians eat oysters differently from us Asians?  The oysters were good but not succulent as we would hope but nevertheless they were oysters but we were quite disappointed.

We ordered a plate of fish cake and a plate of pan fried scallops to share as the weather was too hot for a lot of food.  But we did have a lot of water with lemon. Both dishes were over fried as you can see here, but ut they were alright and edible.

We each ordered a spinach salad but the waitress didn’t ask what dressing we wanted I think we got the poppy seed dressing if I am not wrong.  I’m guessing the weather was too hot – that’s the reason why the service was mediocre but overall, it was alright.  Rudder’s was way too hot inside – but outside was just as hot.

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