A friend/customer was in the other day and remarked that we must have some money stashed up because of the amount of time we eat out.  HAHAHAH!  it’s too funny when I hear people say that but truth be told, everytime we eat out, I get paid to eat.  So there – you know my secret now.

How do I get paid to eat ?  well, this is what I do – every time I post a food post and pictures, I get paid for the food I eat by the food review company I work for and yes, it’s legitimate and I’ve been doing this for a good 5 years now.  Don’t envy me, you can do it too.  How much do I get paid?   well, it depends on how much traffic I churned out for my food advertisers, the more traffic for my food post, the more money I get paid.

But one can expect a 4 figure amount every month if you are a good food blogger and if you command some traffic on your food blog.  I get about 10, 000 hits a day, so you do the math yourself.  Happy weekend everyone! so come by more often to my food blog and I will be making more money.

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