Sushi night at Rudders ! Yay! when I heard about it, and when i was told that the lady who is making the sushi makes it for her Japanese hubby, I had to try it.  So I ordered the 16 pcs combination with miso soup and salad, the whole 9 yards.  $25 tax included for take out. Miso soup was yummy but more tofu and some seaweed would be really good.


The salad was good too but I was hoping for more authentic Japanese salad cream.


Sushi were a disappointment though, the sushi were very salty and the scallops as well as salmon were tasteless.  Alas !  I couldn’t finish it because I never waste my calories.  I managed to force myself to finish half only but the rest I had to throw it out.  Very sad indeed !  I was really hoping for better , so that I can always have something to look forward to without going to Halifax.  I am sure some people would argue that they were very good but for someone who’ve eaten at Jiro’s in Tokyo and Sushi Dai , it was just not good enough for me.

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