I figured I should get one for Chloe to bring to school instead of giving her a juice box that one can buy at our local supermarket, since we all know that juice boxes are full of sugar.  With that thinking, my food buzz folks asked me to get one locally and check it out for them.  So away I went to Sandy’s to buy one for Chloe.  Chloe has used it once with the juice that I juiced for her but she didn’t finished the juice because she said it wasn’t cold enough by the time she got it.


I do love the color and I figured it’s ok if she can’t use it in school, I can still juice at home while she is playing outdoors and she can have her juice in the box during the summer instead of the regular sugar filled boxes.   The juice in a box is easy to clean and easy to put together but when you pour your juice make sure the lid is off else it will get messy when you first open the lid.   The juice in a box is about $12 and it’s worth buying if you want your kids to have a healthy drink all throughout summer instead of just sugar.

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