So we were up in the city during the weekend and I had to try some Pho of course.  But since PB and Chloe didn’t wanna eat the same as I , I ordered a take out from I Love Pho located at Bedford Highway.  It was a small restaurant but very cozy and the girl who took my order was really nice.  I would definitely go back and eat there while the food is nice and in a bowl coz’ it was hard to eat in a take out bowl as they gave me a lot of food.

I ordered the Pho with everything in eat , stripes , beef and beef balls.  The noodles were al – dente and the soup were placed separately in case you lived a long drive away.  I was hoping the soup would be more robust but it wasn’t , probably because I wasn’t dining in and couldn’t add in all the condiments that they had provided.

Overall, I do loved it , I even went back after my dinner to get some Vietnamese desserts and it was so yummy !  you will see me again I Love Pho.

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  1. Charmaine

    There’s a Vietnamese restaurant with the same name a few suburbs from us too. Wonder if it’s the same franchise. I love pho too, especially during the cold winter months. Obviously, cold here in Sydney is not like where you are.

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