I haven’t had Bak Kwa for a long time, and I thought that the Little Red Dot Kitchen in USA was closed because I can’t go on its site for the longest time.  I was quite disappointed because thus far , this is one of the best but the ones in Toronto were very good too but my girlfriend from Toronto has a hard time going to the place to get it for me, so I rather pay more to get some from the States.


So this time the shipping was only $10 from the states and that’s is very , very reasonable but I have to say , that the quality is quite different , it’s is quite charred this time and thick too.  The first packet that I opened were tiny pieces , followed by the second packet and only a few pieces , I will take pictures of its contents the next time I open a new packet. I do like the bak kwa but I was really hoping to get it better like home.  So I think I paid like $80 USD for meat thus far. Yes, kinda funny but what can you do when you are craving for some.  Some people I know have done it themselves  but I still rather pay for them.

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