We don’t throw a lot of party and BBQ but when we do, you can be assured that we do it big , like everyone said when we were done with the BBQ a few Sundays ago.  We invited friends and family and mostly long time customers who turned into friends along the way for the BBQ and to entertain us were none other than our good friend/customer Gary and PB’s Aunt and Uncle.   I think they might have bought all their musical instrument from out of town as there is no music shop in town, we ourselves get ours from .



There were plenty of food and plenty of good company that day , everyone were happy, the kids were entertained and so were the adults.  I’m just happy that everyone had a very good time.  Here we have Gary on the guitar and Sandra on the violin and Garth on the bass.


Justin over there on his classical guitar as well and of course, their spouses and our Uncle Real were listening to all the good music.  We are definitely going to have a bigger crowd next year with more music people around.

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