Ice Cube Junkie was the name picked by the spouse who thought it to be appropriate since i loved crunching on ice.  Little did he know that i had an iron deficiency that made me want to crunch ice.  It is really funny right?? but it was true at that time.   The minute I had my fibroid taken out about 5 years ago, my ice crunching days were over.  But i do have a love for food of course and i miss home food aplenty.  On my personal blog, i share with you the food i eat here in Canada and the food i make on my own or improvised to satisfy my cravings.

For those from the East and had migrated to the West, I am very sure you know what i mean about the cravings and to what extend we would go to just to satisfy our cravings.  Enjoy your read on my blog and have fun.  I do have a tip or two for you and some movies from home to share with you… since I know a lot of you are like myself and migrated to the West in the name of LOVE – what were we thinking eh??  *slap forehead.

PS :  My reviews for all food that I’ve eaten are all true and unbiased.  Should you feel that I’m running down your business, then maybe, you should really take a look at whether you need to change your food or attitude.  I’m not going to lie to my readers just because you are a local business and you happen to be an acquaintance.