Grandfather Lobster

Grandpa Lobster anyone..?? this lobster was so huge..!!! i wonder if the meat was tough or not..?? It was in our local supermarket.. and quite amazing.. to see such a huge lobster. As for me.. i wouldn’t buy something so huge.. because.. Grampa lobster.. has gotta be tough eh..?

Can Burger Anyone..??

A Cheeseburger in a Can.. woohoo…!! talk about revolutionary food..!! Would it taste as good..?? And how fresh would it be..?? how to heat it up eh..? Weird.. and certainly wouldn’t look like this no..?? I promised i would look out for it.. and try it for myself.. and let everyone know.

Lobster Anyone..??

A customer of our happened to buy this.. and is making seafood chowder with it.. and he paid like $80+ for it. I guess after eating it.. he is gonna mount it he said. At 16.9 pounds .. it’s huge eh..? This must be a grandfather lobster.. muahhaha!!

This Is Not Apple

My fridge smells like grapes.. but no grapes is to be found. Saw this a few days ago, in the local grocery store.. and bought it because it was interesting. Does it taste like grapes..?? i donch know yet.. but it sure smells like grapes. Will cut it up tonite.. and try it.

Coloured Lobster

Yes.. very rare.. i would say.. a fisherman finds a catch like this. Earlier this year.. we saw a blue coloured lobster. I’ve heard of some catching yellow and even albino lobster. And apparently, there had been several blue lobsters that landed in Nova Scotia since the season opened last year.  If you are interested … [Read more…]

Grounds For Divorce

The other nite.. a customer was in the store.. and saw me eating ice .. and we started chatting and all.. and the other half had his ipod on.. because it was his pet peeved.  So the customer was say..  “but i’m sure you still love her” .. and so forth.. and so forth.. in … [Read more…]

Lobster Cupcake

I know that in Asia.. they are having these cupcake craze.. well.. the Canadians also not to lose out.. have their own as well. Very popular for children’s birthday.. so that each can have one.. I present to you .. Lobster Cupcake.


I’m a certified ice cube junkie. How do i know that.. ?? You bring your kid to Subway.. to get a sandwich together with her daddy, and the first thing she did was get an empty cup.. and asked “can i get some ice for mummy.. please..? “ Yup, the truth and nothing but the … [Read more…]